August 8th marked the date when the Toronto Maple Leafs would lose their placement in playoff contention to the Columbus Blue Jacks. This qualifier series didn’t favour the Toronto Maple Leafs after a prolonged postponement from competing, which came to all NHL teams amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. An influx of criticism has come toward Sheldon Keefe, Toronto’s Head Coach. Those inside the NHL Coaching Community feel this criticism is unwarranted amongst analytic critics. It prompted John Tortorella, the Head Coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, to come towards Keefe’s defence.

John Tortorella held a press conference less than 24-Hours after entering the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He evoked that the discussions being held regarding Sheldon Keefe’s capabilities in coaching are foolish. Negative criticism towards Keefe comes after the Toronto Maple Leafs couldn’t score a single goal in the 5th game of their SCP Qualifier Series. It marks one of the most prominent losses for the Maple Leaf’s since entering new leadership with Sheldon Keefe.

Tortorella’s Official Statement

The Blue Jackets Head Coach evoked that Sheldon Keefe & his coaching staff have done a formidable job with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He’d note Sheldon’s terrific job in strategizing the Maple Leaf’s into an impressive team in the National Hockey League. John Tortorella than mentioned that everyone speaking poorly against Sheldon Keefe isn’t aware of what’s genuinely involved about hockey and that analytic critics shouldn’t talk about the NHL when their knowledge is limited. These are some of the strongest sentiments made by Tortorella in recent years.

The fierceness of John’s statements continued, with the Head Coach mentioning his anger & concern towards fellow members in the NHL Coaching Community. John Tortorella finished his remarks by clarifying he’ll support Sheldon Keefe from now on, and all Head Coaches targeted wrongly by unknowledgeable critics. It should be explained that the Blue Jackets Head Coach made these statements directly to the analysts that review his weekly performances. It shows that John Tortorella genuinely finds these remarks towards Sheldon Keefe unneeded, considering it a possible attack against all future coaches. The increase in lack of knowledge with professional hockey will prompt a continued influx of criticism against coaches that are performing diligently in the NHL.

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