– The Tigers : A ninth defeat in their last 10 games –

– The Tigers : A ninth defeat in their last 10 games –

Equality 2-2 persisted after 40 minutes of play during the duel that pitted the Tigers in Baie-Comeau Drakkar on Tuesday night at the Gilbert Perreault Amphitheatre .
After only a few seconds of play , Matt Marquardt thought he had given his team the lead . However, the puck hit the post . The referee Dominic Franc has surprisingly asked the opinion of the goal judge behind Kevin Poulin net. The official , subsequently sought the advice of the video judge. Franc finally disallowed the goal .

At the seventh minute, Louis-Étienne Leblanc was punished for giving the elbow. Leblanc has also disagreed with the location of the official. The Victoriavillois Marc-André Laroche took the opportunity to score his second of the season. It was 3-2 in favor of Drakkar .

The Tigers zoomed into enemy territory for long minutes thereafter. They do not, however, found the back of the net. Rather, the Drakkar , more opportunistic , who managed to move the ropes . Marc-André Laroche stole the puck in the neutral zone Keven Dupont . He gave the puck to Benjamin Breault . On -timer , he beat Kevin Poulin . It was 4-2 .

With a little over six minutes on the clock , Jean- Philippe Paquet was punished . The Tigers , however, were unable to settle in the territory of Drakkar . Rather it is the visitors who made ​​threatening during this sequence. While he was still only 18 seconds left in the penalty, Dave Nolin made ​​a shot that deflected off Alexandre Labonté in net. It thus reduced the deficit to one goal .

The meeting ended with this score. The Tigers came out on top 40-38 in shots on net, but it was enough to win. So they suffered a ninth setback in their last ten outings.

Source | Benoit Plamondon | www.lanouvelle.net

– Special teams will give heart to joy –

The Tigers past the last minute penalty Joël Gervais- Chouinard early in the second commitment of the match between them and the Baie-Comeau Drakkar on Tuesday night at the Gilbert Perreault Amphitheatre .
In the fourth minute, the referee awarded Dominic Franc penalty to Marc -André Laroche for wearing his stick too high . The massive attack of the Tigers hit the mark for the first time of the match. Joël Gervais- Chouinard accepted Forgot Maxime Tanguay and fired a shot . Alexandre Monahan has redirected the way. It was 2-1 in favor of Victoriavillois .

Just after the mid-term break , Jean- Philippe Paquet obstructed the work of Alexandre Monahan . It was therefore punished. This was the fourth power play of the Tigers since the start of the match. They could enjoy.

The Tigers past the two minute penalty awarded to Alexandre Labonté . The official Dominic Franc was awarded a penalty tenth since the beginning of the match afterwards , this time at the location of Roman Manilik . The Tigers have made ​​threatening, but Marco Cousineau stood up before the victoriavilloises attacks.

Once again on the power play , while Keven Dupont was in prison, Marc-André Dorion scored his 11th goal of the season. Equality 2-2 was created.

The second period ended with the score 2 to 2. The Drakkar came out on top 13-12 in shots on net during the second period .

Source | Benoit Plamondon | www.lanouvelle.net

– A step by Bernard Martin –

While the Tigers have suffered a ninth defeat in their last ten outings Tuesday night Martin Bernard believes his charges showed an increase . They lost by a score from April to March against the Baie-Comeau Drakkar in Gilbert Perreault Amphitheatre .
” Unlike the game against the Quebec Remparts (lost from May to March ) , we have given much less overstaffing . The attackers were more aware defensively. Defenders have also tried less high-risk game . We must continue in this direction. We have definitely made ​​a step forward tonight “, said the coach.

It must be said that the Tigers were in the game until the very end . A penalty , however, swung the match in the third period , according to Bernard . Dominic Frank, the same man who had been roundly criticized by the coach of the Tigers earlier this season after a loss to the Halifax Mooseheads , has once again sowed controversy. He chased Louis-Étienne Leblanc for giving a nudge . Drakkar took the opportunity to take the lead 3-2 .

” This is what gave the lead the Drakkar . I look forward to seeing the penalty. I think the players’ bench, the elbow was questionable … Sure this penalty gave momentum to the opponent”, he suggested .

The Tigers pilot therefore hopes his team continue in the same direction.

” The greatest danger facing us and hurt us since the beginning of the year is that when we believe have acquired something, the next game, we forget . It’s what to avoid and try to show the same intensity and the same defensive responsibility “, said Bernard .

Felines will receive a day off on Wednesday. They will resume training on Thursday before hosting the Drummondville Voltigeurs on Friday. The Tigers will try to end a sequence of three straight losses .

” We are not eliminated. We play on Friday and Sunday . You have to see this as an opportunity to improve “, concluded the coach.

Source | Benoit Plamondon | www.lanouvelle.net

– Long live the power play ! –

The Drakkar was not more convincing than you should , but he did enough to sign a 4-3 win last night on the ice of the Victoriaville Tigres , who suffered their ninth setback 10 latest releases .
Baie-Comeau relied on the power play , which scored three times in seven opportunities to win the game. He can also say thank you to the goalkeeper Marco Cousineau, who stopped 37 pucks . The victory of Drakkar , however, could be acquired by a larger margin , but for the brilliance of goalkeeper Tigers , Kevin Poulin , who made some small miracles , especially in the first 40 minutes of play.

At 7:16 the last engagement, Marc-André Laroche broke a 2-2 tie to finally launch the Drakkar forward. The Tigers were beginning to run out of gas , they who had only five defensemen in uniform. Benjamin Breault chained five minutes later with the only goal of Drakkar scored at even strength . Alexandre Labonté bodied the end of the match by reducing the gap to a goal with less than five minutes to do.

In the first period , Le Drakkar came out on top , but it has encountered a Poulin in full possession of his faculties . The masked man local multiplied the important judgments . The goalie could not, however nothing on the wrist shot by François Bouchard, powerplay , in the 15th minute of play.

Just a few seconds later, the Tigers tied down when the left wing Maxime Gravel, one of his camp , was entered into, by a pitch down who cheated Cousineau . Victoriaville took the lead for the only time of the game at 5:14 of the second commitment when Alexandre Monahan recovered back to don his 32th of the season , tops in the QMJHL.

Un point pour Lessard

Poulin then continued to shine in front of his cage, frustrating especially Breault on a breakaway . The speedy forward had a cup of coffee Kirill Tulupov . However, in the 18th minute , Marc- André Dorion took advantage of another power play Drakkar to reset the counters . On the play , Pierre- Luc Lessard collected his first point in the North Coastal uniform .


The Tigers scored two goals in six power play …

Cleared of the score sheet , Matt Marquardt had his matches sequence with at least a point to stop at 14 …

Lessard swapped he wore the number 6 in Charlottetown for 22 , while Nicolas Sigouin kept the number 4 on his face in Bathurst …

The newcomer Alexandre Moisan was not in uniform …

Source | Steeve Paradis | The Sun Journal

– Third on for the Drakkar –

The Baie-Comeau Drakkar has initiated its short journey by registering a third win in a row last night when he took the measure of the Victoriaville Tigers by the score of 4-3 in front of 1,959 people at the Colisée des Bois -Francs .
North Shore residents have not had an easy task, but were able to hold on to save with this important triumph on the road that allows the Drakkar joining the Gatineau Olympiques second in the section Telus (and that overall) with a total of 60 points.

After an excellent start to the game (17 shots on goal in the first period ) , visitors have slowed the pace in the second period and showed opportunism in the third period . Drakkar power play has been very effective with three goals in seven occasions.

A native of Victoriaville, striker Marc-André Laroche (selected as the first star of the game ) played a strong game in his native region by scoring the third goal of his own and by being complicit in the victorious managed by Benjamin Breault net.

Laroche has done well as his teammate and Marco Cousineau goalkeeper who was brilliant in front of his cage. Faced 40 shots, number 35 was particularly outstanding in the third period when he frustrated Toby Lafrance and Dave Nolin with spectacular saves.

Vis-à -vis Kevin Poulin has nothing to be ashamed in defeat. His brilliance in the first period ( one goal allowed ) prevented the Drakkar to form a considerable advance. Tigers goaltender faced 38 shots including several dangerous.

François Bouchard and Marc-André Dorion had the other threads in the winning clan. Maxime Gravel and Alexandre Monahan ( his 32th ) sounded the replica of the Tigers defeated in a third straight game .

In short

In their first game in their new uniforms, Pierre-Luc Lessard defenders ( he collected a pass ) and Nicolas Sigouin did well in the North Coastal uniform …

Drakkar complement its short two-game series abroad, tonight when he will visit the Quebec Remparts …

Source | Journal Quebec