It will not only be the total goals inflated at this years NHL All-Star Game. The good news is, most do not care about that, a sediment that is shared by the players, and five minutes after the All-Star game comes to a close, most will be forgotten. That said, let us take a look at the salaries within the league and have some fun with it.

This season four teams within the Atlantic Division were able to fall under the salary gap set by the NHL, which is $81.5 million. However, what is important to remember is that only covers the salaries for eleven players and after factoring in a variety of other factors such as missed games or injuries, the Atlantic Division remains one of the largest spenders in the league. The division that spends the least is the Metropolitan Division with its combined roster coming in less than all others, but that will change as new contracts come into play.

One of the highest paid in the league, and rightfully so is Connor McDavid and while the cap is $12.5 million per year, his annual salary surpasses it, and should considering he is the top-ranked player in the world. However, Toronto’s Mitch Marner comes in even higher than McDavid at $15.3 million a season, and that is only the beginning as all in, there are four players in the Nation Hockey League whose combined contracts are worth $318+ thousand, which includes their base salaries and $72+ thousand in bonuses. Keep that in mind when watching the skills competition and remember that those skills, whether it is puck handling, speed drills or whatever, those are guys that are at the top of their game and are paid very handsomely for those skills.


The National Hockey League announced that the 2020 NHL All-Star Skills will take place at 8pm on Friday in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center, the arena where the St. Louis Blues won the 2019 Stanley Cup. There are two main events that will be highlights, one will be the Adidas. Elite Women’s 3-on-3 and the others, the Gatorade NHL Shooting Stars

This year’s skills competition will also see the return of four other events; the Bud Light NHL Save Streak, the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater, the Enterprise NHL Hardest Shot and the Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting. The event will be televised on TVA and CBC in Canada and in the United States, on NBCSN. Each event winner will receive $30,000 for their efforts, and of course, earn bragging rights among their fellow NHL players.

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