A new goaltender is arriving at the Pittsburgh Penguins, with it being announced that the National Hockey League Team has acquired Tristan Jerry until 2024 for $10.5 Million. This enables an annual salary of $3.5 Million for the goaltender, who became an All-Star Goalie in 2020. Aged 25, his accomplishments have become noteworthy throughout the NHL & on October 9th was slated to become a free agent. Before entering the free-agent status, Tristan Jarry has acquired a new contract with his prolonged employers. It comes after the Pittsburgh Penguins learned that their current goaltender, Matt Murray, would likely leave the team following this season.

Tristan Jarry maintained a career-best year throughout 2020 with the Pittsburgh Penguins. His rankings are listed at 20-12-1, with the National Hockey Leagues best average throughout this season. He maintained a point-percentage of .921 for saving, with a goals-against-average of 2.43. His 2020 season comprised of 33 games & three shutouts. His prominence with the Pittsburgh Penguins came to light during the most recent season, where Matt Murray regularly refused to compete after being informed, he’ll be a “Restricted Free Agent” or traded to another team.

The newest lead goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins spoke about his new contract. Tristan Jarry expressed that throughout the last season, he’s pushed himself during practice & the official games. His goal was to become more competitive than Matt Murray, and the majority the Pittsburgh Penguins. This way, he could evoke motivation & push his fellow athletes to perform at their best. It’s these core reasons why Tristan Jarry believes he was selected over another NHL goaltender during offseason trades.

Pittsburgh Penguins Have Fallout with Matt Murray

Losing Matt Murray is detrimental on a minor level for the Pittsburgh Penguins. His skillsets enabled the Penguins to stand victorious over the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2016 % 2017. Murray spent five consecutive seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins and was expected to leave a free agent. Learning that he’ll enter a restricted status or be traded had created tension between Murray & the Penguins coaching staff. It’s left both parties in an awkward position of appearing pleasant in their goodbyes but wishing the other a daunting future.

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