Corporations & sporting franchises worldwide are working actively to purchase the Pfizer Pharmaceutical vaccine for Covid-19. Information was released by the American Division, which emphasised selling the vaccination to outside sources other than international governments won’t be permitted & that corporations or sporting franchise must receive Covid Vaccines similarly to standard civilians. The same announcement has been issued by the Canadian Division of Pfizer Pharmaceutical, which noted the Canadian Government is receiving limited doses & not private corporations.

This announcement was issued by the Canadian Division after North America’s National Hockey League demanded that Toronto’s Maple Leafs be permitted to purchase the vaccine, alongside American teams. That demand prompted anger into the Canadian Division. No obligations towards selling this vaccine to outside parties is required, with emergency usage implemented worldwide exclusive to governments. It’s an element being forgotten by many that want immediate vaccination.

The Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer Canada discussed the NHLs demands with reporters, emphasising that the interest is appreciated but the MRNA Vaccine is required for civilian personnel & doses will be distributed equally amongst all Canadians or Americans. This is one of the few instances which sees the North American elite not receiving priority healthcare over standard civilians. It’s an unexpected response which continued by Pfizer Canada’s CEO mentioning how would those institutions feel being asked to purchase vaccines when their players need it most, the answer is almost guaranteed an unequivocal no.

Global Immunisation First & Foremost

Commitment towards the globalisation of the MRNA Vaccine was emphasised by CEO Stephenson, who stated that government contacts are continually talking with Pfizer agents to guarantee shipments arrive faster than expected. That contact line is available exclusively to those government agents. Pfizer Canada did note that after international vaccination is complete, the National Hockey League is welcomed to purchase additional doses. The most vulnerable are being targeted first with this vaccine, and professional athletes are furthest from vulnerable with stronger immune systems.

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