Coronavirus cases in the United States of America are reaching new highs, which follows after President Donald Trump refuses to assist with the pandemic & focus on an illegal claim that the election was rigged for Joe Biden’s favour. Cases of Covid-19 have reached 200,000 thousand per-day in America, with an average of three thousand citizens dying daily. Infection is bound to spread across every corner in the United States, leading multiple sports governing agencies into contingency strategies.

The National Hockey League is determining if cancellation for the 2020-21 season is required amid increasing cases. The response amongst players hasn’t been positive, believing themselves capable of avoiding the coronavirus & surviving if infected. The NHLPA (NHL Player’s Association) retorted towards planned contingencies by filling unfair labour practices with the US National Labour Relations Board. NHLPA Representatives confirmed that grievances would be filled if the season is cancelled.

Analysts don’t anticipate positive results for the NHLPA if grievances are filled. An NLRB Arbitrator would analyse the benefits & negatives associated with players being unable to compete. Financial losses with cancelled seasons won’t outweigh death, which will result in likely approve of seasonal games being terminated for 2020-21.

Negotiation Not Optional

NHLPA Representatives aren’t discussing this matter with media personnel, knowing that logistically speaking, it’s unviable to argue against the associated death. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has clarified the desirability to sustain seasonal competitions in 2020-21 but noted that employed personnel operating these matches could not risk infection for a player’s financial gain.

Bettman appears disgusted that players would seek finances & have zero concern for individuals not competing but still making these games a reality. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman promised that negotiation wouldn’t be considered if seasonal events are terminated, showing the severity & seriousness of this matter. The NHLPA could find themselves in unfavourable circumstances if not willing to abide by changes.

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