The Black Lives Matter Movement has stricken nations worldwide, with athletes supporting change for systemic racism in professional sports. Nobody in the National Hockey League made public remarks regarding the death of George Floyd for days. It wasn’t until Brian Boyle from Boston voiced his public support for the movement, other NHL athletes began following his lead. It’s because Boyle has experience thirteen NHL seasons, which is nearly a record.

Brian Boyle debated on how this situation is best conversed with the public. Making sure it wouldn’t come of ignorantly towards the African American Community, the Florida Panthers Forward contacted J.T. Brown for advice. The two previous played with each other & garnered a notable friendship. Questions were asked by Boyle before sentiments were posted online. It’d take minutes for J.T. Brown to standby the remarks issued by Brian Boyle, avoiding any possible backlash. Both men now protest police brutality in the United States of America, Canada, and worldwide. It’d become evident that the two men were drastically affected by the death of George Floyd.

Reporters questioned Brian Boyle on his support, with the Panthers Forward noting that his public remarks wouldn’t have been issued without the approval of J.T. Brown. The NHL Veteran mentioned that he’s never experienced pain similar to the African American Community, which means that Brian can standby this movement but not claim he’s part of it.

The Protests

Four individuals in the Minneapolis Police Department were charged with the murdering of George Floyd. His death prompted riots throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and dozens of other nations. Sporting events that primarily compete with Caucasian players have received criticism for not employing more African Americans. The National hockey League was able to avoid this level of criticism, with the league having already grown out of systemic racism. Dozens of African Americans compete in the NHL today.

Brian Boyle finished his sentiments with reporters through Zoom by indicating everyone has to become involved with this movement. That under this permission, it won’t be their exclusive fight. Many believe that African Americans should be the only people allowed to protest for their safety.

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