The National Hockey League confirmed that after thirteen seasons, Mark Letestu is retiring. This announcement was speculated amongst analysts, as Letestu failed to perform under NHL standards since joining the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018. The most goals acquired by Mark throughout his career was sixteen goals, which is lower for a forward. That doesn’t mean accolades acquired by Letestu weren’t impressive. Mark competed in 567 official NHL games before entering official retirement, with numerous moments of greatness witnessed. Learning of his retirement has saddened NHL supporters in Columbus, Edmonton, and Pittsburgh.

Mark Letestu hasn’t seen regular contention in the National Hockey League since joining the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018, with eighty games sustained. Disgusting coaching tactics against Letestu were engaged by Columbus personnel, as they forced Mark to join their secondary team, the Cleveland Monsters. Mark was permitted to compete in 64 official games under a lower division, while listed twice in 2019 for Columbus. Things began to change towards 2020 with announcements issued that Mark Letestu was joining the Winnipeg Jets. That contract would be signed but contention was minimal for Letestu following the Covid-19 pandemic, with several matches played under the Jets namesake.

Career History

For thirteen years, supporters of the National Hockey League have known about Mark Letestu. His path towards a professional career began in 2007 after being signed by the “Scranton Penguins”. Two seasons later & the Pittsburgh Penguins would elect this forward for three consecutive years. The Columbus Blue Jackets acquired Mark Letestu between 2011 to 2015, which the Forward was eventually transferred to the Edmonton oilers by 2016.

Three seasons later & Letestu returned to Columbus for one season before the downgrade to Cleveland. Mark was promoted back to the Blue Jackets forward by 2018/19. That relationship would last one season, with Letestu joining the Winnipeg Jets for NHLs 2019-20 Campaign. Speculation indicates that Mark could begin a coaching career in twelve months time, so supporters might not have witnessed the last of Letestu.

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