The Toronto Maple Leaf’s saw themselves fail for another time this season, in their homeland of Canada in Montreal. Looking to dominate over their opponents to make the playoffs, the defensive performance displayed by the Maple Leaf’s has been borderline horrendous. When competing against Montreal on February 9th, Sheldon Keefe couldn’t help but notice how his team fell apart by the third period. It prompted the head coach to hold a morning meeting the next day, informing the players to get their affairs in order.

That’s because he will be challenging them to the highest form of physicality and will demand better performances out of each respective player. Refusal to improve will mark an immediate termination following the end of contract dates. It should be noted that the offensive squad for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s are considered one of the best in the NHL. Unfortunately, their defensive lineup is the flipside to the coin and has prompted numerous losses this season. Considering that this is the debut season for Sheldon Keefe, it’s understandable that the head coach is demanding better skillsets from his employed players.

Depleting Skillsets

Toronto didn’t remotely resemble the same club that dominated over the Anaheim Ducks and New York Rangers earlier in the week. Per the club’s history, Toronto has continued ups and downs that deplete chances at acquiring Stanley Cup contention. During their matchup against Montreal, eleven shots were broken through the defensive lineup in the second and third round. Luckily their goalie performed admirably and saved nine of the 20+ shots made to the net. The endgame was Toronto losing two – one, with the Montreal Canadiens stepping that much closer towards the Stanley Cup.

The Maple Leaf’s acquired a singular goal with their title player, John Tavares. This man completed a dangerous spring towards the Canadiens goalie in the 3rd period, allowing for a shot on net to break through their goalie’s defence. It was a memorable goal because it marks the 5th time that Tavares completed a back-net goal. Unfortunately, the skillsets of John weren’t enough to overcompensate the Montreal Canadiens. The third period saw Toronto outshot by Montreal at 16-1.

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