– Le Drakkar 4-1 wins on the Oceanic –

– Le Drakkar 4-1 wins on the Oceanic –

Two quick goals in 71 seconds in the second half of the second period allowed the Baie-Comeau Drakkar to break a 1-1 tie and so move towards a 4-1 win over the Rimouski Oceanic in the first two parts in less than 24 hours between the two formations. This match has cost more than victory to the visitors. Patrice Cormier left the game after two periods while Sébastien Bernier left the arena before the game, suffering from a virus.

Two games in less than 24 hours awaiting the Baie-Comeau Drakkar and the Rimouski Oceanic and the North Coast team, at home, will want to continue his dominance (5-1 ) on its cousins ​​in the south shore both games , especially men Eric Dubois arrive from a 3-1 loss in Chicoutimi , slowing the progression of Drakkar in s race in first position .

With the acquisition of Matt Marquardt – which has also two goals against Rimouski in his new uniform in the last match between the two clubs in Rimouski – Drakkar will want at least consolidate his third place in this weekend , accusing 3 points behind the Huskies and 4 of the Olympics, but with two games in hand on both teams.

Meanwhile, Rimouski, on heels of ‘ consecutive victory ‘ against the Remparts Thursday night , will want to find the way to victory when he welcomes new giant winger what Keven Veilleux , a player known for his fighting spirit . He missed only regular season game since the start of last season.

Rimouski suffered two defeats in Baie-Comeau this season and are scored only 2 goals and 9 yielded so this is a turn as the cast of Donald Dufresne will have to operate in these last two games to be played without the presence of Clément Jodoin . It would like to submit a winning club to its ‘chef’ , but the preparation work Dufresne and Nicolas Chabot was complete . It remains to see how the players respond to the ice.

First Period

The # 44 is occupied by Alexandre Néron in Rimouski, Keven Veilleux step on the ice with the # 24 and he made his presence felt at the point of undergoing a failed bet that forced him to take a walk in the passage.

The opposition match guardians Jean-Christophe Blanchard and Marco Cousineau . If the two are not busy in the first half of the first , the penalty bench was visited . Rimouski got a 5 vs 3 for 1:46 without success, without even a penalty kick .

Subsequently, in the second half of the period , Baie-Comeau also benefits from a 5 vs 3 for 27 seconds and there were only 2 seconds to the first penalty and there will pack a powerful shot and that’s 1-0 for local and there will still be 1:08 to do in the second penalty. The 6th of Jean- Philippe Paquet thus helped François Bouchard at 14:45 .

Another simple numerical advantage this time for Rimouski while Gabriel Bourque is expelled for the 2nd time period . The period will end with a 1-0 score to the premises that have dominated 11-2 in shots on goal .

Deuxième période

Keven Veilleux will soon become familiar with his new role and his new team while after 47 seconds , he accepted a pass from Olivier Fortier for a shot at unexpected angles Marco Cousineau and that’s the goal. The 11th season of Veilleux , his first needless to say in his new uniform. And the 3rd shot only visitors Cousineau .

The second period , although undertaken by Rimouski , with a quick goal , changed the tempo of the game . If the two guards had some interesting shots, one can not speak of exciting game , as if each would make the mistake of giving advance to the opponent.

But at 14:28 , a shot deflects off a player in front of him and Blanchard should see the puck enter the goal at his side without being able to do anything . The 12th season of Alexandre Boivin , assisted by Samuel Morneau and Gabriel Bourque .

The Oceanic is immediately punished afterwards and it did not take time to see Jean- Philippe Paquet let his shooting for his seventh of the season , assisted by François Bouchard and Marc-André Dorion at 15:39 for a second powerplay goal in 4 occasions.

Veilleux is shaken again , but this seems not serious. The period ends with a score of 3-1 for the Drakkar will have dominated the number of shots per 9-6 for a total of 20-8 for the match.

Third Period

The game runs smoothly in the 3rd period with a first stoppage of play at 4:35 , but nothing very special has happened . And here Philippe Garnier forcing – with the help of Felix Lefrancois, Marco Cousineau to manifest . Too bad for Rimouski.

Numerical advantage for Rimouski , but as long as the defender Package Cousineau goalkeeper report and prevent Rimouski mark and close the gap that is 2 goals . And here we are in the middle period.

A fourth goal occurs at 13:13 of the period, a goal that will want to review Blanchard, a shot by Matt Marquardt which eventually escapes to the keeper . Benjamin Breault an assist on this goal and the match will end 4-1.

The shots in the third period were 9-4 in favor of Rimouski for a total of 23-18 in the match for local people before 2329 .

The stars were awarded to Jean- Philippe Paquet (BC ), Samuel Morneau (BC) and Keven Veilleux (RIM).

Source | Real -Jean Couture | www.lavantage.qc.ca

– Rimouski pays top dollar for Veilleux –

Keven Veilleux has done his best , but he could not lead his new team, the Rimouski Oceanic to victory yesterday in Baie-Comeau. Drakkar still had a hard time facing the Rimouski , but he was able to sign a 4-1 win .

Before the meeting , the Oceanic moved again in a transaction with the Victoriaville Tigres involving three players. Rimouski has got hold of Veilleux, 18 years old and a fourth-round pick in 2009. However, Rimouski has given a lot to get the great Beauceron 6’5 ” , drafted 51st by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2007 : forward Maxime Tanguay , defenseman Keven Dupont, a second-round pick in 2008 ( acquired Remparts ) and its first-round pick in 2009.

“We wanted to get into our lineup a big winger who will be there for at least a year and a half , said the Deputy Director General , Yannick Dumais. This is a big talent player who can also play in the center and has an average of one point per game . It is thought that Veilleux, we will be a better team. ”

To return to the game, the Drakkar was able to be opportunistic scoring four times on 23 shots . Big guns such private Frolik Michael , David and Max Skokan Grachev Oceanic defended himself as best he could , which caused still some headaches at the Baie-Comeau attack. “We have trouble against clubs that play the trap , said head coach Eric Dubois . We have to find a way to set the pace rather than embarking on that of the other team. ”

Effective power play

Vis-à -vis Donald Dufresne spoke for his part Drakkar power play , which struck twice in five occasions. “They did their work in power play and although they reduce the space in the neutral zone five against five , launched the assistant Clément Jodoin . It is also difficult to get to their goalkeeper . This is a mature team and we have to learn from them. ”

Limited to two small shots in the first , the Oceanic saw local take the lead during a double power play when the shot of Jean- Philippe Paquet snuck through the legs of Jean-Christophe Blanchard . The visitors tied it early in the second . Shooting without warning Veilleux, from the corner of the rink , surprised Marco Cousineau .

Rather amorphous during the three quarters of this commitment, the Drakkar woke up late . Alexandre Boivin again deceived Blanchard ‘s legs at 14:28 and one minute later, Paquet went there with another bomb , which this time housed in the top of the cage . With his seventh goal in five games in the uniform of Drakkar , Matt Marquardt sealed the win in the third.

Source | Steeve Paradis & amp; Carl Thériault | The Sun Journal

– Le Drakkar won the first round –

The Baie-Comeau Drakkar won the first leg of their doubleheader against the Rimouski Oceanic , last night when he scored a 4-1 win in front of 2,329 fans at Centre Henry-Leonard .

Victorious in the sixth game in seven games against the Rimouski , North Coastal did not deliver a great performance , but played well enough to overcome their little threatening opponents.

Visitors have also been very discreet in the first period and led two meager penalties on Marco Cousineau guard. The premises were more dangerous with 11 shots in the direction of Jean-Christophe Blanchard solid keeper ..

Defenseman Jean -Philippe Paquet finally opened the scoring with a powerful slap shot as he stood less than six minutes left in the first period. It was the first goal of the match for the number 5 who played a strong game.

The Oceanic leveled the score early in the second period when his new acquisition Kevin Veilleux (obtained Victoriaville Tigres ) surprised Cousineau made ​​a shot from a difficult angle. It was the only moment of joy in the clan losers.

The first 15 minutes of the second period were to be dull before you see the winners lead the charge with two quick goals in the range of 71 seconds at the very end of time.

Alexandre Boivin hit the target after a great game play by Samuel Morneau ( one of the best of his own ) before seeing Jean- Philippe Paquet return to the attack with a shot ( during a power play ) that gave no chance to the opposing goalie .

Third Period

With a two-goal , the players of Drakkar did not force the game in the third period and their rivals have enjoyed few chances to score. Inspired by the brilliance of his captain Maxime Ouimet, the defensive brigade Drakkar has again delivered.

Rather quiet during the meeting , forward Matt Marquardt ( his 27th ) has still found a way to get on the board and managed the fourth goal of his own in the third. It was his seventh goal in five games since he wears the uniform comois bay .

In short

Drakkar , who scored two goals in five power play , blanked his opponent during his five power plays including a two-man power play early in the game …

Drakkar learned bad news and will be without striker Mathieu Tousignant ( shoulder injury ) for a period of two to four weeks …

The two teams will meet this afternoon for the second game of this short series …