– Late Pétarade –

– Late Pétarade –

Drakkar has only played 40 minutes yesterday, but it was enough to house seven times the puck in the net Oceanic Rimouski, who deserved a better fate for the 1,000th game of his story. Eric Dubois men have won 7-5.

Baie-Comeau is not screwed in the first period , leaving visitors to skate at ease. There was no local player who seemed to know that the game had begun. Moreover , the first dangerous shot Drakkar occurred early in the second period. The Oceanic took the opportunity to score twice and with a little luck, he would have been three .

” At the 10-minute break , I hope there were no children on the bench because there was a lot of beeping “, launched head coach Eric Dubois, who spared no swear words at the break and after the first period.” But we must admit that lesjoueurs have taken over later .”

Jordan Caron , who scored a hat trick , opened the scoring by getting the shot Sebastien Bernier 3:07 . Only 50 seconds later, Keven Veilleux gave a two-goal at the Oceanic. A fine example of amorphous Game Drakkar in this period, Marc-André Dorion was done by the five brew player Rimouski after a stoppage in play while his teammates left the only restating the bench .

Dubois troopers woke up in the second twenty . Benjamin Breault was first broke the ice with his 100th in the QMJHL and , later , Francois Bouchard tied the game with a superb feint on a penalty shot . Tommy Perreault was knocked out of his pants. Caron restored the lead to his one minute later , and Myle Gomes was 3-3 at the end of engagement.

Backfiring in the third period after the second Breault , which definitely gave the lead the Drakkar . Both teams are indeed exchanged five goals in four minutes. Stephane Michaud , Samuel Morneau and Marc-Andre Laroche , the latter shorthanded , scored for Baie-Comeau. Pierre-Alexandre Joncas and Caron did the same for the Oceanic.

Source | Steeve Paradis | The Sun Journal

– 7-5 Victory Baie- Comeau –

An offensive 7-3 in the final 40 minutes of play allowed the Baie Comeau Drakkar 7-5 win over the Oceanic although it had taken a 2-0 lead after the first 20 minutes of play. both teams started the backfiring 3rd with 6 goals before the clock shows 9 minutes played. The goal that hurt the most was the seventh , scored shorthanded .

From the start, the Oceanic is found to 4 in the area of ​​Drakkar and Philippe Cornet requires Marco Cousineau to go for an interesting stop after 22 seconds. This good start to the game is certainly good news to celebrate : the return of # 10 , Sébastien Bernier, a little ‘ recovered from his discomfort yesterday , malaise which forced not to remain at the arena for the game.

And if Cousineau is before the game for the second game in as many nights against Rimouski is Tommy Perreault in front of the net of Rimouski. Veilleux and Bernier join forces in the offensive zone , allowing Jordan Caron opened the scoring at 3:07 , sliding the puck under Cousineau . A ninth for Jordan Caron.

It does not skimp with the puck in the Oceanic Keven Veilleux and now puts his 12th of the season, just a few weeks while he recovers a rebound . A second goal and third point for the lanky striker . Philippe Garnier pass on the goal scored at 3:57 . This gives 50 seconds interval between the two goals of the visitors.

A first power play for the Oceanic and the return of the Oceanic Sébastien Bernier help in this area already , if the puck does not reach the goal, the Oceanic is more dangerous than yesterday when he was 0 / 5 on the power play , do not pull on goal advantage for 1:27 2 men.

Rimouski gets his first penalty at 14:56 , but the powerful Baie Comeau attack failed to capitalize . Like yesterday the other hand, the game was played very tightly , but this time , Rimouski was able to take his place and take some of the benefits .

At that point in the final minute of play, Caron attempts a pass rightful and an impossible angle. It houses the puck into the net with 52.3 seconds to play and asked a viewing at the video judge. Although the official leading the goal, the red light comes on. The wait is long during the viewing. And finally . The goal is disallowed . It suggests that the whistle was whistled before the puck is in the goal. We shall provide explanations Donald Dufresne .

Perreault must report to Bouchard in the resumption of play , thus preventing a thread local end of the period , net that could have strong repercussions. The period ends so with a 2-0 lead despite shooting are 11-8 in favor of the premises.

Second Period

The impact of disallowed goal will be to see in the beginning of the period from the start , Baie Comeau is trying to take control of the game and shots are 4-2 after 3 minutes. François Bolduc accidentally throws the puck in the stands and 6 seconds after the start of the punishment , Benjamin Breault it is in his 17th of the season, his 100th career with Baie Comeau in the QMJHL , assisted by Jean- Philippe Paquet and François Bouchard and it’s 2-1 after 3:54 . Beautiful game room leading to a reception on fire.

And less than 3 minutes, a penalty shot is awarded to Francois Bouchard, who had been stopped on a ‘ epoch check’ and marks in 6:34 for his 20th of the season. Except that the Drakkar barely has time to celebrate that Jordan Caron take this Cousineau hesitation that should have come to the meeting of the washer and Jordan Caron took the opportunity to his 10th of the season , assisted by Emmanuel Boudreau and Olivier Fortier at 7:55 . This hunting Cousineau goal net and here comes Mathieu Leclair who ‘ stole ‘ the game in Rimouski last passage of Drakkar . Marco Cousineau will therefore given 3 times on 12 shots in 27:55 and we say that 7 of these shots were dangerous …

Boudreau was hit in the face by the opponent and the referee at 9:49 , called a minor decision welcomed by a bottle of water thrown on the ice. Brilliant! Quickly , however , the two teams will meet at 4 vs 4, while Veilleux was caught out. Gros stop Perreault on package . No damage in these penalties. Leclair an important first shot from Emmanuel Boudreau and Perreault points before two enemy fire .

Finally, with 3:51 to go, accurate shooting and powerful Myles Gomes gives his third of the season , assisted by François Bouchard and Roman Malinik to 3-3. The duo Lefrancois / Cornet comes close to capitalize with one minute to play. The period and end with the score tied 3-3 and the shots were 16-7 in favor of the premises in the period.

Third Period

Both teams left their defensive in the locker room while goals fall in line. It is 4-3 on the second of the game and 18th of the season Benjamin Breault at 1:07 , assisted by Marc-André Dorion . Then it was 5-3 at 4:50 on the 4th of Stephane Michaud season unassisted. About 25 seconds later, Pierre-Alexandre Joncas is in their 11th helped François Bolduc and Samuel Collard at 5:15 . It’s 5-4 for the premises.

But it does not lag behind. It’s 6-4 at 5:31 , 16 seconds later, Samuel Morneau is in their 12th and helped Malinik Paquet. And it is 7-4 in 6:12 , so 41 seconds later with the 8th Marc-André Laroche , aided by Michaud. We breathe a bit here Rimouski marks to 7-5 with the 11th of the season and third of Jordan Caron game , helped by Nero and Fortier at 8:40 .

Suddenly , everything is calm. Even a penalty Myles Gomes 15 : 46 did not see Rimouski enjoy. Any more than that during the penalty Dorion to 5: 47, which resulted in a shorthanded goal , that of Laroche .

The game and finish with a score of 7-5 in favor of Baie Comeau and lapel series on the road from the Oceanic is brought to 9. 3rd in shots are 11-7 in favor of Drakkar for a total of 38-23 in favor of the premises.

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