The Hockey Diversity Alliance has maintained a powerful voice in the NHLs fight against racism throughout the United States of America. The HDA has assisted the National Hockey League in their decisions to postpone matches during the playoffs, requesting their opinions & potential policies to guarantee systemic racism is ended.

Influencing the decisions of NHL corporate isn’t something to be taken lightly, which the Hockey Diversity Alliance understands. The HDA responded to the NHLs request to provide legal assistance, two phone calls were held with representatives from the Toronto & Edmonton Bubble. The HDA and these reps discussed which steps are needed next to stop systemic racism, which the Alliance provided 48 hours to complete their discussions.

Revival behind the NHLs commitment towards African American lives came after Wisconsin Law Enforcement murdered Jacob Black, a protestor standing for the Black Lives Matter Movement. The NHL responded by postponing the Stanley Cup Playoffs for two days. Shortly afterwards, the Hockey Diversity Alliance promised that their implementing grassroots programs for African American players & guarantying that Black Executives will grow throughout the corporate division.

Another influential subject that was discussed between the Hockey Diversity Alliance & Bubble Representatives included an onslaught of malicious emails that’d be sent to the organization, which extends toward tweets on Twitter. How these two parties will stop the attack of racist remarks will be challenging, as disposing hateful supports isn’t possible.

An official press release was issued on August 29th from the HDA, stating three requests for the NHL Corporate Division to follow. Those requests are listed below:

  • Increase the amount of African American Executives in the National Hockey League to 3.5% by the 2024-25 season.
  • Use NHL funding to implement Anti-Racism & Unconscious bias educational programs, making it mandatory for all employed personnel under the NHL to start learning. This must begin before the 2020-21 season.
  • Provide the Hockey Diversity Alliance with hockey development programs that introduce Anti-Racism & Unconscious bias educational programs to minor hockey leagues throughout North America.
  • Support social initiatives that target the abolishment of racism towards African American, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Indigenous Communities.

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