The National Hockey League is known for celebrating Halloween yearly. 2020 saw changes in how teams approached festivities, with largescale parties & elaborate costumers being avoided for new methods of showing their Halloween spirit. Multiple teams took their social media accounts to showcase what ideas they’d thought of for Halloween 2020. The 1st was the Arizona Coyotes, which hosted a “Drive-Thru Party”. Fans were encouraging to Trick or Treat from their vehicles & have defenseman Jakob Chychrun hand out bags of candy for children.

The Arizona Coyotes revealed that 1000+ children had arrived with their parents to receive candy from Jacob Chychrun. Large percentages of these children received unique collectables made for Halloween 2020, which had been themed around players on the Arizona Coyotes. Donations were accepted by parents, with donated funds being awarded to the “Arizona Coyotes Foundation”. It should be noted that when questioned on his appearance at the Drive-Thru Halloween party, Jacob Chychrun mentioned that he’d been looking forward to this event for months & had wanted interaction with supporters for a prolonged time.

The Halloween Adventures of the Canadians, Blues, and Bruins.
Arizona wasn’t the only National Hockey League organization that maintained Halloween festivities throughout 2020. The Montreal Canadians sent their iconic mascot to the houses of winning children, from a contest held earlier in 2020. Numerous photos of fans wearing Montreal Canadian-themed costumes were also posted to social media. However, their 2020 Halloween festivities fail in-comparison to the St. Louis Blues & Boston Bruins.

Both the St. Louis Blues & Boston Bruins made their yearly visit to the local “Children’s Hospital”. Players that couldn’t attend for social distancing purposes purchased these children large quantities of candy and sent video messages encouraging them to enjoy the festivities. The Boston Bruins went beyond expectations for 2020 during the Covid Era, with several players attending in-person with costumers that sustained facemasks or entire bodysuits. Patrice Bergeron was seen dressed as Elmo.

It should be noted that NHL players with the Bruins & Blues aren’t forced to attend festivities at the local “Children’s Hospital”. However, bringing happiness for ill children is something that cannot be explained through words.

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