Announcements about new acquisition contracts in the National Hockey League have come rapidly over October. Two teams made official announcements regarding new acquisitions & resigning’s for the 2020-21 NHL Season. The Calgary Flames were first to make an acquisition confirmation between October 23rd to 25th. It was confirmed that Josh Leivo would sustain a one-year contract with the Calgary Flames, with Leivo receiving $875 Thousand for his placement.

The Calgary Flames could be Josh Leivo, with the Left-Winger struggling to ascertain a powerful reputation in the National Hockey League. His career before the Calgary Flames was with the Toronto Maple Leafs & Vancouver Canucks, meaning that Josh Leivo was exclusively played with Canadian NHL teams. Throughout his career of 169 games, thirty-one goals have been obtained by Josh Leivo. It puts Leivo at a season-shooting average of 3.3, which isn’t right & would’ve prompted the lower one-year salary.

Josh Leivo is from Innisfil, Ontario & has always dreamed of playing for the Calgary Flames. This could see history repeating for Leivo, who performed better with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Desirability in the team selected typically improves performance problems with professional athletes.

Flyers Resign Nolan Patrick

The Philadelphia Flyers announced their latest contract signing shortly after the Calgary Flames. It was revealed that Centre-Forward Nolan Patrick would sustain another year with the Philadelphia Flyers. Patrick received an incrementally smaller payday that Josh Leivo, earning $874 Thousand for his one-year contract. It should be noted the Philadelphia Flyers were considering terminating Nolan Patrick’s employment, which follows after the hockey professional missed the 2019-20 NHL Season with a migraine disorder. Receiving a final contract with the Philadelphia Flyers means one last opportunity for Nolan Patrick to showcase his prominent skillsets as Centre-Forward.

Nolan Patrick was the 2nd Pick in 2017s NHL Entry Draft, meaning that expectations for this professional were high. Nolan Patrick has suffered in proving himself a viable selection for 2nd Pick. Not being able to prove himself throughout the 2020-21 NHL Season will likely evoke his termination from the National Hockey League.

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