YouTuber Jake Paul continued to make himself an enemy of the people, uncaring of the damage done to his family name. This immature young adult has fought against two individuals in the boxing right, with those being Nate Robinson & KSI. After winning both these bouts, YouTuber Jake Paul believes himself capable of competing against opponents like Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Boxing & MMA Analysts are aware this young adult doesn’t sustain the skillsets required to compete against those namesakes. However, another battle could ensue shortly for YouTuber Jake Paul. Callouts were made towards Jake Paul by Evander Kane, a Winger with the San Jose Sharks. Evander Kane wants to compete against this foolish YouTuber on August 31st in Las Vegas. The Winger mentioned that it’s easy to dominate over little boys with zero experience & small statures. Evander Kane isn’t incorrect, with YouTuber Jake Paul likely to deny this bout. Paul hasn’t accepted any notable opponent that’d knock him down, showing weakness behind the ring.

Jake Paul is Ruining Boxing

Analysts overviewing professional boxing are saddened with where the sport is moving. Legendary bouts against fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr & Tyson Fury are becoming less prominent in professional boxing. The sport now relies on namesakes with ageing popularity to revitalize viewer interest, with Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Junior battling minutes after Jake Paul & Nate Robinson. Analysts were saddened to see an immature YouTuber compete the same night as legendary icon Mike Tyson, which indicated how much boxing has changed in recent years.

Evander Kane isn’t the exclusive NHL player that’s threatened Jake Paul, with Robin Lehner also calling out the YouTuber. This goalie informed the weak YouTuber that he would dominate over him, which followed after Jake Paul called out Conor McGregor. It’ll be interesting to see if Jake Paul accepts either of these bouts.

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