The Edmonton Oilers have lost all hope of winning the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which follows after the Chicago Blackhawks destroyed their dreams on August 7th. Their goals of obtaining the Stanley Cup had barely begun, with the Edmonton Oilers losing in the 4th Game of their Qualifying Series against the Blackhawks. Feelings of shame have become evident amongst Oiler Players, who competed in their Hub City of Edmonton before being forced out of the Playoffs.

Darnell Nurse, a defenceman with the Edmonton Oilers, emphasized that none of them is happy with themselves for not having the skillsets required to win this series. Darnell understands that the loss is significantly disappointing for fans of the Edmonton Oilers, who hadn’t seen their home-based hockey team acquire a Stanley Cup since 1990.

During the global pandemic period, the Edmonton Oilers turning over a three-decade downfall would’ve been desired by fans. These professional hockey players with the Edmonton Oilers will now watch competing teams play on their home turf for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The NHL Corporate Division confirmed that Edmonton would host the Playoffs following COVID-19’s implications onto America.

The Fans React

Supporters behind the Edmonton Oilers expressed their shock & sadness towards their home team losing an opportunity to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Most would remark that after one of their best seasons in three decades, the postponed season prompted by COVID-19 brought a disappointing end to the Oilers 2020 Season.

Fans have also reacted to the inevitable restaurants & bars that’ll be forced to shut their doors after the Edmonton Oilers lost a position in the Stanley Cups. Edmonton civilians won’t likely attend their local bar or restaurant to watch the game, which paves massive implications onto these dining locations prevalent financial burdens. Kelly’s Pub in Edmonton have pre-emptively announced that they’re likely to close from the Oilers losing against the Blackhawks. An estimated two thousand jobs in Downtown Edmonton have now disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Financial Analysts in Edmonton & Alberta have clarified that the $60 Million in economic growth that the Oilers could’ve brought to their city is now lost. It’s now up to Vancouver & Toronto to obtain a position in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with both teams having also not been victorious in decades. Hopeful change is still in the air.

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