The 2nd Game for the Stanley Cup Qualifiers has prompted the suspension of Drake Caggiula from the Chicago Blackhawks. Caggiula was competing against the Edmonton Oilers when checking into Tyler Ennis, making a direct contract with his skull & dropping the forward. The NHL Department of Player Safety found this checking overly aggressive, enforcing a two-game suspension onto Drake Caggiula. Most NHL analysts believe that Drake Caggiula’s check on Tyler Ennis allowed the Chicago Blackhawks to obtain victory at Six to Four.

Occurring at the Edmonton Rogers Place Arena, this incident unfolded at 7:42 in the evening throughout the 2nd Period. Drake Caggiula took his anger out on Tyler Ennis after the Oilers Forward forced the puck “Out-of-Play” and delayed the game. Caggiula would check his right shoulder into Tyler Ennis’s head, subsequently not receiving a penalty. The lack of enforcement prompted the NHL Department of Player Safety to penalize Drake Caggiula, guarantying on some level that his lesson is learnt.

The Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach, Jeremy Colliton, spoke to TSN Reporters after the game concluded. He’d note to Drake Caggiula didn’t intentionally strike the head of his forward, Tyler Ennis. The Head Coach didn’t want to enforce punishment through league organizations, as inadequate checking is inevitable throughout professional hockey. Jeremy Colliton did suspect that an organization would take action regarding his statements.

This marks the 1st suspension in Drake Caggiula’s career. The actions he took guaranteed a 2nd victory for the Chicago Blackhawks, allowing them one-step closer into the Stanley Cup Tournament. Unconventional strategies are typically evoked by players when this competing for the Stanley Cup, risking game suspensions for the overall team victory. The difference here is that Drake Caggiula has never implemented this strategy throughout his four-year career in the National Hockey League.

The Trade

NHL Analysts were shocked that Drake Caggiula aggressively attacked the Edmonton Oilers, the 1st team that employed his skillsets in the National Hockey League. He’d debut on October 12th, 2016 for the Edmonton Oilers & compete under the first line-up until the 2018 Season. That’s when he’d be traded towards the Chicago Blackhawks following a hand injury. Analysts speculate that Caggiula feels resentment towards his former employers for the unexpected trade.

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