Hundreds of thousands in memorabilia property was stolen from an iconic player in the NHL. Investigations have been sustained for two years regarding the breaking & entering that occurred in December 2018. Evidence revealed through this investigation saw individuals with close contact with Wayne Gretzky committing the criminal offence. The now-arrested criminal also sustain close friendships with other legendary NHLers like Bobby Orr & Doug Gilmour.

Law enforcement in Ontario, Canada revealed the information to Wayne Gretzky & his family. It’d be learned that Ken Hadall from Oakville, Ontario had committed the crime. It’s a shocking revelation for everyone involved. Ken Hadall was to become inducted into the “Bobby Orr Hall of Fame” in Parry Sound, Ontario before this information was made public knowledge. Details regarding his removal from Hall of Fame contention hasn’t been announced. Ken Hadall holding a prominent friendship with Bobby Orr could enable his continued induction.

The Ontario Provincial Police has charged Ken Hadall with $510,000.00 in USD for his criminal actions. $5,000.00 was issued for the theft committed against Wayne Gretzky. Another $5,000.00 was fined for possession of undetailed substances. $500,000.00 was published in the most prominent penalty for connection to memorabilia theft. When converting the financial penalties from American to Canadian currency, Ken Hadall will payout $640,000.00 for his actions.

Investigations from law enforcement haven’t ended. Evidence indicates that criminal proceedings that were sustained by Hadall included accomplices, with investigators believing the crime was an inside job from family personnel to Wayne Gretzky. Sentiments regarding this family matter haven’t been issued by the NHL legend, which shows the exemplary lifestyle players have to engage long after retiring.

Paying to Avoid Prison

Postponement regarding Ken Hadall’s induction into the “Bobby Orr Hall of Fame” was announced months ago. That postponement wasn’t in connection to the criminal investigation relating to his namesake. Organizers postponed the ceremony because of Covid-19 in June 2020. A spokesperson with BOHOF hasn’t provided any updates regarding the possibility of Ken Hadall being eliminated from inductee status. It should be noted that Ken Hadall not paying out these financial penalties will prompt prison sentences from the Ontario courts. How Hadall has reacted isn’t known.

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