Players in the National Hockey League will need to consider the longstanding impact of their sticks moving forward into the 2020 season. Sacrificing their hockey sticks to intimidate opponents or express their aggression will be regarded as unwanted behaviour from coaching staff. This follows after the coronavirus in China, which is limiting the production of hockey sticks for global organizations. This extends to the NHL, which is raising concern regarding a shortage of sticks from CCM and Bauer. Their Chinese factories have been shut down since the outbreak reach their 1st peaks by February 5th. Subsequently, NHL outfits and players are beginning to prepare for a steep shortage. Some believe this shortage won’t last longer than two months.

It’s estimated that each player goes through 100+ sticks per season, with Jack Eichel and Tyler Seguin exceeding those numbers extensively. It’s reported that top-rated athletes in the National Hockey League use new sticks with each practice session or game. This luxury will be immediately terminated going forward, with CCM and Bauer representatives expressing that their monitoring this situation. There have even been players from the Toronto Maple Leaf’s and Dallas Stars that have brought home-based sticks to professional matches. It should be noted that both these manufacturers maintain production facilities in Tijuana, with 10% of their overall development going towards the NHL.

The Shortage Affecting CCM & Bauer

CCM and Bauer have received significant backlash from executives with the NHL, who claim their focus should be on prior contracts with sporting leagues and not global retail markets. This followed after both manufacturers said that amateur players wouldn’t have any impact on available products. However, considering that minor league hockey has more significant cash flows in North America, it’s not surprising that Bauer and CCM are focusing 90% of their production to retail markets.

This has resulted in NHL Equipment Managers, the representatives and players to navigate this shortage with the best of intentions. Paul Boyer from the Detroit Red Wings expressed that they have enough inventory to last two weeks, with the next shipment not coming for four weeks. This will create a two-week delay for multiple NHL organizations. It’s estimated that Bauer and CCM provide more than 50,000.00 hockey sticks throughout a standard NHL Season. This means 1600+ units per team. The NHL could be forced to contact other suppliers and create new contracts to keep teams stocked with hockey sticks.

The Toronto Maple Leaf’s saw themselves fail for another time this season, in their homeland of Canada in Montreal. Looking to dominate over their opponents to make the playoffs, the defensive performance displayed by the Maple Leaf’s has been borderline horrendous. When competing against Montreal on February 9th, Sheldon Keefe couldn’t help but notice how his team fell apart by the third period. It prompted the head coach to hold a morning meeting the next day, informing the players to get their affairs in order.

That’s because he will be challenging them to the highest form of physicality and will demand better performances out of each respective player. Refusal to improve will mark an immediate termination following the end of contract dates. It should be noted that the offensive squad for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s are considered one of the best in the NHL. Unfortunately, their defensive lineup is the flipside to the coin and has prompted numerous losses this season. Considering that this is the debut season for Sheldon Keefe, it’s understandable that the head coach is demanding better skillsets from his employed players.

Depleting Skillsets

Toronto didn’t remotely resemble the same club that dominated over the Anaheim Ducks and New York Rangers earlier in the week. Per the club’s history, Toronto has continued ups and downs that deplete chances at acquiring Stanley Cup contention. During their matchup against Montreal, eleven shots were broken through the defensive lineup in the second and third round. Luckily their goalie performed admirably and saved nine of the 20+ shots made to the net. The endgame was Toronto losing two – one, with the Montreal Canadiens stepping that much closer towards the Stanley Cup.

The Maple Leaf’s acquired a singular goal with their title player, John Tavares. This man completed a dangerous spring towards the Canadiens goalie in the 3rd period, allowing for a shot on net to break through their goalie’s defence. It was a memorable goal because it marks the 5th time that Tavares completed a back-net goal. Unfortunately, the skillsets of John weren’t enough to overcompensate the Montreal Canadiens. The third period saw Toronto outshot by Montreal at 16-1.

It’s been less than several days since the 2020 All-Star NHL Game took place, with it already being confirmed where the 2021 venue will be hosted. The Florida Panthers were announced as the hosts, with the All-Star Weekend taking place at the BBT Centre in Sunrise. Two specific events will be played at this hockey arene, including the All-Star Skills Event and All-Stars Game. Those wanting to witness this formidable event have to wait until January 30th, 2021.

This marks the second instance that the Florida Panthers get to host the National Hockey League All-Star Game, with their last hosting appearance being in 2003. The chief executive officer for the Panther expressed that they’re thrilled to welcome international hockey fans next year. Matt Caldwell noted that this organization couldn’t be prouder to host the NHL’s premier event. Unfortunately, information regarding the associated prices for tickets wasn’t released. Those details will be provided on the beginning of the 2020-21 Season.

The 2020 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend just completed on Friday, January 31st. It saw Saint Louis defeat their rivals at the Enterprise Centre. Millions worldwide watched on the various sporting network. The central broadcasting company confirmed that they’d seen higher viewership number than ever before. This indicates that the National Hockey League’s popularity is continuously growing internationally.

The 1st NHL All-Decade Game

The national hockey league made a shocking announcement after confirming the location for the 2021 All-Star Game. Executives with NHL Corporate revealed the first-ever “NHL All-Decade Game”. This will comprise the best athletes in hockey from the last ten years, making them complete for victory. Whichever opposing team won this event could be considered the best squad of the decade. Confirmed players for the 2020 All-Decade Game includes Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Alex Ovechkin. Collectively, these six individuals have acquired thirteen Stanley Cup championships as a squad. Details regarding who they’ll compete against weren’t confirmed, with rumours indicating that the All-Star Game winners could take the opposing role.

Executives also confirmed the second lineup for the All-Decade Game. Patrice Bergeron, Steven Stamkos, Evgeni Malkin, Erik Karlsson, Zdeno Chara, and Henrik Lundqvist are competing for the second lineup. They’ve won more than eight Stanley Cup Championships as a slightly worse group. It’s known that Scott Hartnell and Ryan Callahan will be the NHL Analysts that broadcast the events of the game to international viewers. Expect some of the most intense and fast-paced action in NHL history with the All-Decade game.

It will not only be the total goals inflated at this years NHL All-Star Game. The good news is, most do not care about that, a sediment that is shared by the players, and five minutes after the All-Star game comes to a close, most will be forgotten. That said, let us take a look at the salaries within the league and have some fun with it.

This season four teams within the Atlantic Division were able to fall under the salary gap set by the NHL, which is $81.5 million. However, what is important to remember is that only covers the salaries for eleven players and after factoring in a variety of other factors such as missed games or injuries, the Atlantic Division remains one of the largest spenders in the league. The division that spends the least is the Metropolitan Division with its combined roster coming in less than all others, but that will change as new contracts come into play.

One of the highest paid in the league, and rightfully so is Connor McDavid and while the cap is $12.5 million per year, his annual salary surpasses it, and should considering he is the top-ranked player in the world. However, Toronto’s Mitch Marner comes in even higher than McDavid at $15.3 million a season, and that is only the beginning as all in, there are four players in the Nation Hockey League whose combined contracts are worth $318+ thousand, which includes their base salaries and $72+ thousand in bonuses. Keep that in mind when watching the skills competition and remember that those skills, whether it is puck handling, speed drills or whatever, those are guys that are at the top of their game and are paid very handsomely for those skills.


The National Hockey League announced that the 2020 NHL All-Star Skills will take place at 8pm on Friday in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center, the arena where the St. Louis Blues won the 2019 Stanley Cup. There are two main events that will be highlights, one will be the Adidas. Elite Women’s 3-on-3 and the others, the Gatorade NHL Shooting Stars

This year’s skills competition will also see the return of four other events; the Bud Light NHL Save Streak, the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater, the Enterprise NHL Hardest Shot and the Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting. The event will be televised on TVA and CBC in Canada and in the United States, on NBCSN. Each event winner will receive $30,000 for their efforts, and of course, earn bragging rights among their fellow NHL players.

The last time we spoke about the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, they were standing as one of the most formidable teams in the Eastern Division. However, history repeated itself in the new decade, and they’ve fallen into bad behaviours. Even with the assistance of Sheldon Keefe, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s have experienced two back-to-back losses. The 1st was against the Chicago Blackhawks, where the Leaf’s lost 6-2 and mere days later, suffered an 8-4 loss to the Florida Panthers. After this significant loss, Shelden Keefe named his defencemen immature and underperforming.

The head coach for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Sheldon Keefe expressed that when you compete against an organization like the Florida Panthers and lose, you know where the team is physical. He noted that reality checks followed after their loss against the panthers, where Keefe unloaded his aggression against the players. He made this public and mentioned that an extreme level of training discipline would follow for greater consistency. It should be noted that the Toronto Maple Leaf’s have lost five of their last six games. After failing to the Florida Panthers, Toronto’s hockey team cannot make the playoff division. This marks another year since 1969 that the Toronto Maple Leaf’s haven’t acquired playoff position.

Boston Bruins Coach Rages

Another organization in the National Hockey League received significant backlash from their head coach. The Boston Bruins lost their 3rd game in the season against the Pittsburgh Penguins, losing by one point at 4-3. This followed after the Bruins maintained a formidable first period, acquiring their three goals immediately. However, the Pittsburgh Penguins returned for vengeance in the second and third period. Jack Johnson and Bryan Rust for the Bruins earned the game-winning goals with several minutes remaining. When the final goal followed, Bruce Cassidy displayed his aggressive on live television. The head coach could easily be seen screaming absurdities towards his fellow players.

Bruce Cassidy has experienced growing frustration in the last several days, with the Bruins having lost to Philadelphia earlier in the week. Bruce didn’t mention anybody’s name in a public forum, but it’s easy to decipher where his angry resided. It was towards McAvoy, who displayed childish-like defence against the Penguins in the last several minutes. The head coach and defencemen spoke with one another privately, with McAvoy admitting his mistakes to reporters after the match had concluded.

The National Hockey League hasn’t held an outdoor event in Edmonton in nearly two decades. However, this could be changing shortly with rumours indicating that an outdoor event will return to where this idea first began. News outlets have started reporting that the 2021 season will see Edmonton host an outdoor game, with Sportsnet clarifying that inside sources to the NHL confirmed 2020’s outdoor matchup would be in Regina. Hockey Night in Canada reported that this matchup wouldn’t take place until 2022, which is the anniversary of Edmonton’s first outdoor game.

The Edmonton Oilers last home-based outdoor game was held on November 22nd, 2003. It was the Montreal Canadians that combatted the Oilers for the Inaugural Heritage Classic. More than fifty thousand fans attended one of the coldest outdoor NHL games in recorded history, watching two of Canada’s best teams compete at Commonwealth Stadium. This marked the second official outdoor season game for the National Hockey League, which has increased to three per year.

Since that cold night in 2003, twenty-eight outdoor games have been hosted throughout North America. Six of these games were held on Canadian soil, with the Montreal Canadians being the only organization excluded from a home-based competition. The Canadians did participate in four of these events, with the Edmonton Oilers appearing once in 2003. This was at the 2016 Heritage Classic in Winnipeg, where they’d lose in an embarrassing upset. Fox Sports believes that they deserve another chance to win a Heritage Classic title. Unfortunately, no official confirmation has come from the National Hockey League.

Molson Coors Extends Partnership with the NHL

The National Hockey League made headlines twice this week, as it was revealed that they’d agreed with the Molson Coors Beverage Company. This agreement stands towards a newly reformed multiyear extension on the previous contract. Analysts weren’t shocked by this announced, with the National Hockey League using Molson as their official beer for a prolonged period. Going forward, Molson Beverage Company can continue to use NHL promotional material through advertising campaigns. They’ll also have priority advertisement space at the Stanley Cup Playoffs, NHL Heritage Classic, the Stanley Cup Finals and NHL All-Star Weekend.

Molson Canadian in celebration of this new partnership announced a specialized promotional activity for NHL supporters. Those that purchase a 24 pack of Molson Canadian can enter a promotional campaign, with the reward being a trip to the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals. Those that win this promotion can bring five friends and have all the free Molson Canadian beer possible. This promotion is named the “Score for Your Team Campaign”.

The 2020 World Junior Hockey Finals are nearly completed, with the two teams slated for the championship having been selected. This comes after most sports analysts claimed that Canada would fight against Russia for the championship cup, which hasn’t been the case for nine years.

Ivan Morozov, who the Vegas Knights have rights on, allowed Russia to conquer Sweden during an overtime period. Morozov scored two goals and was responsible for leading Russia to a 5 – 4 victory and a spot in the gold medal game against Canada. After guarantying their final placement in the championship, Morozov was seen collecting the winning puck and skating towards his goaltender. Hugo Alnefelt was given the winning puck for his capabilities at defending against Sweden, a team that displayed their most reliable offensive in years.

The Russian National Juniors team now walks into the championship title against Canada, seeking their first cup-victory since 2011. The final takes place on January 5th, 2020 and will be one of the most significant matches of the new decade. Sweden will now compete against Finland for the Bronze Cup placement. This comes after Alexander Khovanov acquired one goal in the first period, with Yegor Sokolov scoring two goals in the third period. When Morozov cemented his two final goals during overtime, Sweden lost its gold cup placement. This was even with the formidable performances displayed by Samuel Fagemo, Nil Lundkvist and Ramus Sandin. Losing this matchup comes as a horrible outcome for Sweden’s Juniors, who received public support.

Canada Facing Against Russia

After not performing as expected throughout the first matches in the World Juniors 2020, Canada was looking for redemption. After re-evaluating themselves, the national team displayed numerous performances where they dominated over competitors. It resulted in the Canadian Juniors acquiring semi-final placement against Finland. Within the first four minutes of their matchup, the Canadians earned four goals on net. The defencemen and Head Goalie for Canada displayed incredible talent, not allowing for one shot to make the net. It prompted a 5 – 0 victory for the Canadian National Team.

This win wasn’t a walk in the park for Canada though, as they experienced challenges throughout the 75 minutes of playtime. Barret Hayton suffered an injury throughout the third period, prompting one of Canada’s star players to be benched unexpectedly. It should be noted that this win comes after the Canadians lost to the Finnish last year on their home soil. This victory is a significant leap forward for Dale Hunter, the Head Coach for the Canadian. Going forward they look to defeat Russia and acquire championship victory.

The National Hockey League saw two players this week be critically injured. The first was Ilya Mikheyev from the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, who suffered a severe cut that saw him going into immediate surgery. This involved repairing the tendons and arteries in his right wrist, which became severed on December 27th. He was sliced by Jesper Bratt’s skate when it landed on his right wrist. Without any hesitation, Ilya removed his cloves and covered the wound. He immediately moved towards the benches without the approval of referees or coaching staff.

The Maple Leaf’s forward was quickly transported to the Newark University Hospital, where he has remained since Friday for additional monitoring. It’s anticipated that he will be returned to Leaf’s coaching staff in the coming days, where Ilya will be transported to his home. It’s not expected that he will play for months to come, with team officials confirming that the timeline is roughly three months from now.

Sheldon Keefe, the latest head coach for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, was shocked to see this event playout on ice. Taking account of everything happening on the rink, he didn’t notice the horrific event. All Keefe noticed was his skating off the ice without a glove, then the slightest trickle of blood. However, Michael Hutchinson saw the entire injury take place. The Head Goalie was quoted with saying the event was terrifying. Hutchinson continued by noting that there was significant pushing for the corner puck, then blood poured from his wrist unexpectedly onto the ice.

Two Others Sliced

Ilya Mikheyev isn’t the first player this season who has acquired a significant cut on their wrist during playtime. Cal Clutterbuck from the New York Islanders saw a similar injury take place on December 19th, needing his tendons repaired from slicing to the wrist. Days before this event, Robert Thomas saw himself being on the receiving end of significant injury. This comes after his second professional season in the National Hockey League, with his tendons needing upwards of eight months to heal. This significant injury could mark the end of his professional career.

These injuries show the significant ferocity of professional hockey, which is infamous for acquiring concussions. However, with the sport becoming more fast-paced in recent years, these slicing injuries have become more common. For the safety of professional players, NHL officials must enforce new policies that will lower the percentage of these injuries.

Those concerned with their betting outcomes for the 2020 World Juniors have come to the right place. We have compiled extensive research to provide our readers with the best insight towards this upcoming competition. It’s anticipated that Canada is most likely to win the Gold Medal, with the United States and Russia coming in 2nd to 3rd. This is because the Canadian National Team is entering this tournament with formidable players, several of them were first-round picks in the 2020 NHL Draft.

This doesn’t mean that Canada won’t have their competition. Russia has reformed its organization, leading with a new forward that is slated to provide significant opposition for Canada’s defence. When it applies to the American’s, their 2020 World Juniors selections haven’t been strong. Subsequently, it’s anticipated that they’ll take gold going into this matchup. However, the Wisconsin-Combination of Cole Caufield and Alex Turcotte could see an unexpected shift into the competition. Yet, the Americans aren’t maintaining a formidable defence-unit on the blue line. This will allow for Russia’s and Canada’s sharp defence lines to position the Americans for a third-place position.

The Opposition

The Russians are the only team in the 2020 World Juniors that can oppose Canada. Their defence lineup comprises of Alexander Romanov, the Montreal Canadian prospect. He is capable of stopping any forward from attacking the net but will have to compete against some of the strongest forwards displayed in Canadian history. The assistance of Daniil Zhuravlyoy could allow Romanov the chance the defend in these critical moments. However, the outcome of their matches won’t be known until displayed in a few months.

With the Canadians Defensive and Offensive lineups, they will find themselves in the top placement. They maintain players like Spencer Knight and Oliver Rodriguez, which numerous other trophy-winning athletes competing for the gold medal. The biggest question facing sports analysts is who will be on the starting lineup, considering that all these players are key members in their respective organizations.

The only aspect where the Canadians could fail is with their goaltending capabilities. Though Rodriguez has competed as a significant goalie in various hockey leagues, he’s never experienced this level of hockey. Most of the Canadian and Russian players are returning from the 2018 World Juniors. This means he will be out of place, unable to compete against future legends of the NHL.

The National Hockey League didn’t expect the ferocious arrival of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s last year. Throughout several weeks of the 2018/19 season, this sporting organization shocked supported by winning 90% of its games. By the end of the two first months, the Lightnings suffered eight defeats. Subsequently, it became clear that the Lightnings were a fierce opposition for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Ultimately, they had their best season in recorded history last year. It concluded with 62 wins and 128-points, with them taking the Stanley Cup Championship.

Most sports analysts are now asking what will come with the 2019/2020 season. Changes to the lineup have altered the defence and offensive lineups for the Tampa Bay Lightnings. This hasn’t stopped them from maintaining a formidable beginning to the 2019 season, already having accumulated 24 Wins in 32 Official Season Matches. They’ve accumulated forty-nine points and stand at the top position for the NHL.

This doesn’t mean that the Lightnings don’t have opposition for the 2020 Stanley Cup. The Boston Bruins and Washington Capital have displayed consistent victories throughout their beginning season. The Bruins and Capitals both have 22 points, which is two below the Lightnings. Small losses could see Tampa Bay losing their top placement in the league. Regardless, it’s already being confirmed by Sports Analysts that the Tampa Bay Lightning’s are serious contenders for the playoffs.

Washington Capitals Could Win

The lineup for the Tampa Bay Lightnings has hardly changed compared to last year. The winning team is a serious contender for the final championship game, with their opponents most likely to be the Washington Capital. Their formidable team includes players like Sydney Crosby, who is infamous for breaking through the best of defences and scoring consecutive goals. Crosby hasn’t lost a Stanley Cup Championship when given the opportunity, which prompts Sports Analysts to believe that he will be the deciding factor for the 2020 Playoffs. However, this is all dependent on if his surrounding team can take this captain to the final series.