The Boston Bruins have elected their latest restricted free agent, selecting Jake DeBrusk. It was announced that Jake DeBrusk will assist the Boston Bruins from 2020 to 2022, with contract negotiations sustaining a net worth valued at $7.35 Million over two seasons. The lowered salary isn’t representative of the skillsets displayed by Jake DeBrusk. Boston has limited finances available for contract acquisitions, with Covid-19 depleting a large percentage of reserve funds. DeBrusk is proven a valuable player that can perform when given the right conditions.

Thirty-five points were acquired by Jake DeBrusk in 2019, which was sustained over a 60+ official matches in the National Hockey League. It should be mentioned that Jake DeBrusk has worked alongside the Boston Bruins since starting his career in the National Hockey League. His performance since his last contract hasn’t been pivotal, resulting in the two-year contract. It’ll likely be that Jake DeBrusk works hard throughout 2020 to 2022, hoping to balance his skillsets & reacquire another contract with Boston for a longer timeframe with greater monetary compensation.

It might be impossible for Jake DeBrusk to extend his skillsets in the National Hockey League. Since joining in 2017, the left-winger has averaged twenty goals per season & earned less than four million annually. Skillsets shown by DeBrusk are more meant to assist leading players with the Boston Bruins. When looking at Jake in this position, he maintains an important position in the Eastern Division team.

New Team, New Results?

The Boston Bruins selecting to terminate Jake DeBrusk in 2022 could drastically benefit the hockey player, with a new organization & coaching leadership potentially creating new skillsets that aren’t possible with Boston. That won’t be known for 24-months time. Until then, Jake DeBrusk must prove himself a viable member of the Boston Bruins & increase his seasonal average to 25 Points or higher. Anything lower will likely result in his termination by 2022.

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