Standard attributes associated with our daily ecosystem were removed with the COVID-19 pandemic & it’ll be years before those standards are resumed to conventional means. This creates an incredible level of uncertainty for millions worldwide, with that no longer applying for players in the National Hockey League. The NHLPA & NHL Corporate Division have made a collective agreement that will sustain six years. Their agreement ensures that NHL Ecosystems won’t be destroyed for either party, which became a substantial concern since March 2020.

Democracy is evident throughout this agreement, with both parties removing conditions from their demands on good faith terms. NHL Owners have struggled with specific attributes & the NHLPA have also found stipulations unfavourable. Owners will receive slightly better conditions, with these individuals spending millions yearly to maintain contracts & standard operations. Owners wouldn’t have wanted to backdown from certain conditions that are now negated but were given no other option, with the NHLPA willing to strike for years to come. It would’ve been more costly for owners to sustain their egos.

Salary Cap

Owners are obtaining heightened conditions that lower their associated costs throughout the 2021-26 NHL Seasons. One attribute iterates salary caps won’t exceed a valuation of $81.5 million, meaning each outfit is permitted this figure to sustain former players & acquire new ones. This is lower than the standard salary caps seen in recent years, which means NHL players will receive lower payments on their contracts. Knowing this in advance can be beneficial for escrow purposes & enable players to account for trades over the coming years.

NHL Fans can sleep happily knowing that their favourite sport is resuming under exclusive agreements. Not having to worry about potential fallouts from billionaires battling each other for 2258 days. There’s also the comfort of knowing that the NHLs position in the 2022 & 2026 Winter Olympics is guaranteed under this agreement.

For players, the benefit comes with knowing there won’t be alterations to salary caps. Markets won’t diminish if teams want to permit trades, or if freelance agents want to make new contracts with unknown organisations. Benefits are provided to all communities in the NHL, which is something nobody would’ve thought possible weeks ago when negotiations were nearly dismantled.

The National Hockey League Players Association confirmed that they’re finalizing an agreement with the NHL Corporate Division. Contract details weren’t permitted to reporters until an inside source leaked critical data. It’s now known that this updated NHLPA Contract will be named “The Collective Bargaining Agreement” and sustain itself throughout six years. Sources indicated that all components of their contract were required to move forward with the “NHL Return to Play Series”. All 24 Teams would’ve refused competing if the corporate division denied.

This Memorandum of Understanding won’t become viable until the “NHL Board of Governors” permits the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The fallout of this contract could also apply if one of the twenty-four NHL teams determines their membership shouldn’t be supported. There are chances that specific organizations seeing benefits to extending negotiations will purposely decline membership with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This would force professional hockey to cancel their 2020 Season, allowing lower-status outfits to revise their strategies for 2021.

Fallout on this level is purely speculation, with inside sources remaking that all parties will enter this agreement. Competing ensures that team-wide finances are resumed, which is ultimately more important for owners than strategic advantages. Supporters are expecting NHL to return their televised matches by August 1st. Below, readers will locate known conditions in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

NHL Training Camps are resuming between July 13th to 26th, with all teams expected to arrive in Edmonton & Toronto by the 27th. Official matches return on August 1st, with schedules permitting the Stanley Cup Playoffs to begin by October 2020. Sustainable plans could mean the completion of the NHLs 2020 season.

The Return to Play Opt-Out Clause enables all personnel employed with the National Hockey League to not compete in this years remaining matches. Penalties to Employment Contracts won’t be affected by opting out for the remainder of 2020. The NHL is exclusive when providing this option, with all other sports leagues penalizing players that Opt-Out.

The NHL Playoff Pool is doubling its valuation, reaching a standard of $32 Million. Players from the five highest-rated outfits at the “Return to Play Tournament” obtain an additional $20,000.00 for their 2020 season. This reward extends to $240,000.00 for players with the Stanley Cup-winning team.

The Canadian Hockey league was shocked & disturbed to learn that abuse of power was evident in multiple scenarios. One thousand four hundred young men were forced into harassment, bullying, physical abuse, mental abuse, and adult hazing. After internal investigations into claims made by former players in the CHL, it’s been released that hazing allegations were proven genuine in all three national leagues. The CHL comprises the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, and Western Hockey League. PR Representatives with the CHL guaranteed that they’re committed to providing these men with safer & trustworthy environments.

Representatives with the Canadian Hockey League provided formal sentiments on this matter. It was remarked that the allegations & proof that came to light had disturbed CHL Executives. Trying to save some of their previous public image, the CHL stated that the modern era of their services isn’t similar to historic allegations made by former players. It doesn’t make these allegations any less accurate & undeserving of punishment. Multiple men were mentally abused & faced prolonged ridicule for residual effects.

When questioned on their thoughts behind the allegations, CHL Representatives noted that their advancements to improve player experience has unfolded over two decades. Comments bolstered that they’ve worked with the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Mental Health Association, and the RIS Group. Together these three organizations have worked towards increased education to CHL players, using specialized lessons targeted towards teenager to young adult audiences.

These educational lessons maintain that intolerant behaviour from coaching staff won’t be permitted in the Canadian Hockey League. This zero-tolerance stance has seen multiple coaches & players lose their opportunity at obtaining positions in the National Hockey League.

Safer Environments

The Canadian Hockey League confirmed that they’d do everything possible to ensure that allegations against Hazing are recreated in the current climate. Former CHL Players remarked their concern for younger competitors after the death of George Floyd & COVID-19, which has caused significant damage onto the mental capabilities on those that cannot stand being locked indoors. The current climate in North America targets intolerance, prompting the concern.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed by two former Canadian Hockey League players. The lawsuit comes days after a player who used to play in the league with the Kitchener Rangers claimed he was forced as a rookie to do cocaine in the locker room. The lawsuit further claims that the two players, aged 15-17 at the time, were “routinely victims to hazing, bullying, physical and verbal harassment, physical assault, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.”

The lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday in Toronto by Garrett Taylor and Daniel Carcillo, is against the Canadian Hockey League, the Quebec League, the Ontario League and Western League. The allegations, which have not been proven in court, are disturbing and claim that players were forced to masturbate while being watched by coaches and teammates.

The suit includes allegations that players were forced to sexually assault their teammates along with being forced to digest fellow teammate’s feces, semen, urine and saliva. The suit furthermore claims that players had their genitals exposed to toxic liquids and irritants, that they were assaulted anally with various objects, and forced to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs.

Daniel Carcillo Played for Decade in NHL

Daniel Carcillo played in the OHL for four seasons with the Mississauga IceDogs and Sarnia Sting before embarking on a decade long career in the NHL. However, since retiring from the NHL, Carcillo has spoken out and advocated for players mental health and rights. Garrett Taylor played two seasons with the Prince Albert Raiders and Lethbridge Hurricanes in the Western League before playing on the NHL for ten games.

In the statement of claim, Daniel Carcillo makes the allegation that he was subjected to “, “almost constant and repetitive abuse,” during the time he spent playing with the Sarnia Sting in 2002-2003. He alleges that team management knew of the abuse and did nothing to protect him or the other dozen rookies playing that year. The claim states that resultant on the abuse that Carcillo has been permanently traumatized has severe mental health issues that were present prior to the abuse and that those issues continue to the current day.

It should be noted that none of the allegations has been proven in court. In addition, neither of the leagues filed statements of defence.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has stricken nations worldwide, with athletes supporting change for systemic racism in professional sports. Nobody in the National Hockey League made public remarks regarding the death of George Floyd for days. It wasn’t until Brian Boyle from Boston voiced his public support for the movement, other NHL athletes began following his lead. It’s because Boyle has experience thirteen NHL seasons, which is nearly a record.

Brian Boyle debated on how this situation is best conversed with the public. Making sure it wouldn’t come of ignorantly towards the African American Community, the Florida Panthers Forward contacted J.T. Brown for advice. The two previous played with each other & garnered a notable friendship. Questions were asked by Boyle before sentiments were posted online. It’d take minutes for J.T. Brown to standby the remarks issued by Brian Boyle, avoiding any possible backlash. Both men now protest police brutality in the United States of America, Canada, and worldwide. It’d become evident that the two men were drastically affected by the death of George Floyd.

Reporters questioned Brian Boyle on his support, with the Panthers Forward noting that his public remarks wouldn’t have been issued without the approval of J.T. Brown. The NHL Veteran mentioned that he’s never experienced pain similar to the African American Community, which means that Brian can standby this movement but not claim he’s part of it.

The Protests

Four individuals in the Minneapolis Police Department were charged with the murdering of George Floyd. His death prompted riots throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and dozens of other nations. Sporting events that primarily compete with Caucasian players have received criticism for not employing more African Americans. The National hockey League was able to avoid this level of criticism, with the league having already grown out of systemic racism. Dozens of African Americans compete in the NHL today.

Brian Boyle finished his sentiments with reporters through Zoom by indicating everyone has to become involved with this movement. That under this permission, it won’t be their exclusive fight. Many believe that African Americans should be the only people allowed to protest for their safety.

March 12th had Canadians informed that all approved activities with “Hockey Canada” with be terminated effective immediately. Executives were forced into this decision after hundreds of confirmed cases of COVID-19 were seen throughout Canada. Avoiding youth & young adults from possibly contracting this virus, the termination of sanctioned activities was required. Thirteen organizations were informed to cancel all planned venues, with that now being reverted amid a significantly lower number of confirmed infections.

Operating these sanctioned activities will be maintained under a new format. Each respective organization must abide by protocols listed with their regional health authorities. This will assist these individuals in determining the necessary steps to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19. Under these terms & conditions for reopening, Hockey Canada confirmed that the time when each organization resumes would differ.

Regions like Ontario are experiencing hundreds of confirmed infections of the coronavirus every day, with provinces like Manitoba seeing no new cases over the May 5th weekend. These differences in health conditions alternate what’s possible with these sanctioned activities. Contracted played with the Ontario Hockey Federation, Hockey Northwestern Ontario, or Hockey Eastern Ontario will have to abide by social distancing measures. Hockey Manitoba can resume operations under standard means.

The thirteen organizations connected with Hockey Canada include:

  • Hockey Northwest Territories
  • Hockey Nova Scotia
  • Hockey New Brunswick
  • Hockey Eastern Ontario
  • Hockey Northwestern Ontario
  • Ontario Hockey Federation
  • Saskatchewan Hockey Association
  • British Columbia Hockey Association
  • Hockey Manitoba
  • Hockey Alberta
  • Hockey Quebec
  • Hockey PEI
  • Hockey Newfoundland & Labrador

Coronavirus NHL Testing

Professional athletes in the National Hockey League are employed under these hockey organizations. This includes Hockey Alberta for the Calgary Flames & Edmonton Oilers, the Ontario Hockey Federation for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s & Ottawa Senators. Additional NHL Teams in Canada include the Montreal Canadians under Hockey Quebec and the Vancouver Canucks for the British Columbia Hockey Association. These organizations, alongside American associations, requested that the National Hockey League provide testing for the coronavirus on a per-match basis. It was announced on May 5th that an agreement was signed that enables this request to be met.

Canadians have often benefited from multiple programs associated with hockey. Most of these programs are local, with the majority being cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There was hope that similar measures wouldn’t be enforced with Hockey Canada but became inevitable after the virus is continuing to see increased infections across the country. September 1st will mark the date when Hockey Canada will restart their training programs for young adults. Throughout the summer months, training will be provided through virtual platforms like Zoom.

Multiple summer camps for hockey have been terminated, included two supported by Sobeys. This consists of the BFL Canada National Women’s U18 Camp, which extends towards the BFL Canada Women’s Development Team Camp. Women from the later transfer to the U18 series when progressing their talents.

The Program for Excellent Coaching has been terminated until September 1st, with a virtual format supported between May 25th to June 5th. Repeating this Camp during the fall will enable the Canadian youth to obtain enhanced training. Similar measures were imposed onto the Program of Excellent Goaltending Development Camp, which was slated to begin on June 9th until June 12th.

Additional cancellations apply towards the Canadian National U17 Development Camp, which would’ve taken place between July 19th to 25th. Taking both the virtual & in-person formats of this Camp is required, with these young men being future NHL Athletes. Cancellations in July extended towards the 27th to 31st with the Canadian National Junior Team SportChek Development Summer Camp. Expect both to resume in-person training by September 1st, under the condition that the Canadian Government enacts additional postponements.

Disappointment for Hockey Canada

The CEO of Hockey Canada expressed his notable disappointment towards this confirmation. Never before has this organization had to terminate their summer programs, causing sadness to thousands of children across Canada. He mentioned that by implementing a virtual format, some stresses for these children are avoided. Coaching staff with these various teams have been informed to prepare themselves for the new form, with Hockey Canada hoping it’ll benefit the mental & physical capabilities of these young athletes.

Details regarding the 2020 Rosters for these U18 Hockey Camps haven’t been released. These documents will become public information by Mid-June, allowing dedicated hockey fanatics to review the future athletes of tomorrow.

The National Hockey Players Association confirmed on May 22nd that they’ve agreed to extended negotiations with the NHL Corporate Division. These negotiations regarding a new Playoff Format, which would see twenty-four teams compete for the Stanley Cup throughout the 2019-20 Season. The new format would be issued for the 2021-22 NHL Season if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t concluded at that point.

Player Representatives from each NHL Team negotiated with the Board of Executives. Insiders noted that the NHL Player’s Association made several demands that the Corporate Division cannot abide. This has created difficulties in both parties reach a mutual agreement, forcing the extension on negotiations. There are some hockey analysts now questioning if both parties will sign a format contract, with them instead of worrying about personal glory and allowing the upcoming season to be entirely cancelled.

The tense relationship between the NHL Player’s Association, and Corporate Division has increased drastically since the novel coronavirus pandemic forced the 2019-20 Season into postponement by March 12th. There hasn’t been an official announcement when hockey matches will resume throughout North America. It requires extensive logistics that are hard to overcome, including a co-partnership between the American and Canadian Division of the National Hockey League. Considering that both countries are also at odds during the pandemic, the likelihood of this goal being accomplished is dismal.

Logistical Challenges

Health Experts with the Centre of Disease Control, Politician’s in the America Government, and the Canadian National Hockey Association will have to approve the new format issued by the corporate division. That’s if the NHL Player’s Association can sign a formal agreement with their employers. It should be noted that whenever national hockey in North America resumes, attendees won’t be permitted. Stadiums in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Las Vegas will remain empty in the stands.

Creating this new format goes against the core design of National Hockey. There aren’t 24 Outfits competing for the Stanley Cup, with the standard number being eight per conference. An additional eight teams are being permitted to compete. This could create considerable confusion for supporters of the NHL. We’ll provide our readers with an update on if these two parties make a formal agreement.

Supporters behind the National Hockey League were disappointed but not surprised to learn that Ales Hemsky, a veteran Forward with the NHL, is retiring after 2020. Ales made this announcement directly through the NHL Alumni Association, revealing that he should spend time with the children moving forward. Doctors had informed Hemsky that his body couldn’t naturally sustain another season, which was challenging for the Forward to accept and come to terms with. He noted that when you’ve done the same thing for so long, you don’t want to give it up under any conditions.

Ales Hemsky stands at 36 years of age, holding fifteen seasons in the National Hockey League. Throughout this career, more than 652 Games were played with the Edmonton Oilers, with hundreds of other appearances with the Ottawa Senators. This extends towards the Montreal Canadians and Dallas Stars, with Ales Hemsky being one of the few forwards to sustain a lengthy career with four teams. His final season will have been 2019-20 with the Montreal Canadians.


Hemsky was an influential Forward & Capitan in the National Hockey League. He acquired 570+ points throughout his career, with the overwhelming majority coming from assistance. 174 Goals were accomplished with an additional 398 assists. It should be noted his career extends beyond the regular NHL season. His skillsets obtained Ales a position in the Stanley Cup Players with the Edmonton Oilers.

They’d inevitably lose to the Carolina Hurricanes, with this 13th-Round Pick in the 2001 NHL Draft working towards new accomplishments. Those would include acquiring an Olympic Medal for his home nation of the Czech Republic. Hemsky would accomplish this goal twice, once in 2006 and the other in 2014. He’d also inquire a Gold Medal with the 2016 World Hockey Cup Series.

Public Remarks

Hemsky revealed to reporters that it took twelve months for him to accept retirement. He noted that additional damage had been done to both his shoulders, creating cartilage damage that cannot be reversed. Ales finished his announced retirement by thanking all those involved with improving his career in the National Hockey League.

The American Hockey League was disappointed to announce that their 2020 Regular Season has been cancelled. This followed when organizers initially had planned a postponement period, which would be reviewed every thirty days. The final review period came on May 1st, where it’d ultimately be decided to cancel the entire decision. Organizers were forced into this decision after the novel coronavirus has infected the safety of American civilians. The AHL cannot risk the virus being contracted to players, team personnel, coach staff, or attendees. AHL Representatives also clarified that the 2020 Calder Cup Playoffs are cancelled.

March 12th marked the original date that the American Hockey League was suspended. The National Hockey League followed suit & postponed their 2020 season on the same date. It’s prompted analysts to question if NHL Organizers will cancel the full season for this year, which would save the lives of thousands but risk hundreds of millions in lost finances. It should be mentioned that the National Hockey League has experienced multiple outbreaks of the coronavirus, with the most notable being on the Chicago Blackhawks. It’d be in the corporation’s best interest to terminate the 2020 season. Significant lawsuits would subsequently be avoided.

The President Talks

The official notice of cancellation came from David Andrews, the American Hockey League President. He noted that this decision didn’t come lightly and required considerable insight from medical experts. After David obtained the necessary data, it was agreed that maintaining the 2020 season isn’t feasible. The American Hockey League will now work towards organizing the 2020-21 Season, which has been supported by the NHL. David Andrews also thanked the National Hockey League for their leadership through this unexpected period.

David Andrews finished his remarks by expressing the American Hockey League will continue to work towards the Health & Safety of Players, Stadium Workforces, Team Personnel, and Coaching Staff. It shouldn’t be forgotten that this is the 1st time since the AHL was created in 1936 that a season was cancelled, even the Great War couldn’t stop the American Hockey League. David Andrews clarified that those who purchased tickets for 2020 games could receive immediate refunds online.