An unexpected announcement was issued to NHL Supporters, with confirmations made that Zdeno Chara is leaving the Boston Bruins & joining the Washing Capitals for 2021s campaign. Details were released on December 30th, revealing that the Bruins had elected to part ways with Zdeno Chara & inquire allocation money. Boston hasn’t discussed those details, which proven financial disruptions have altered the Bruins operations. Chara headed this franchise for ten years, being a prominent force that enabled Boston to acquire the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup.

Learning this towering defencemen is transferring from the Bruins to Capitals has shocked the hockey community, with a one-year contract valued at $795k being awarded to Zdeno Chara. An added benefit for Zdeno Chara is several bonus opportunities, which could double his yearly salary in Washington. Bonus options include:

  • Ten Starts – $230,000.00 in Bonus Funds.
  • Playoff Spot – $250,000.00 in Bonus Funds.
  • Stanley Cup Victory – $250,000.00 in Bonus Funds.

This announcement comes several days before NHL franchises begin training camps for the 2021 campaign. No confirmations have been made on who’ll take Zdeno Chara’s place in Boston. It’ll be an entirely different training camp than the Boston Bruins is accustomed to, with Zdeno Chara having been a prominent force for this franchise since 2005.

Zdeno Reflects on Boston’s Announcement

Boston’s most influential defencemen in decades issued statements regarding his departure on Instagram. It’s noted that coaching personnel informed Zdeno they’d move forward with younger players showcasing notable talent & that he respects their decision. It means that Chara’s time as Boston Bruins Captain has officially closed.

Boston is purposely electing younger players, with most franchises in the National Hockey League departing from their prominent athletes & electing individuals requiring less allocation money. Those individuals are standardly younger players starting their NHL careers. Notable teams like the Washington Capitals have acquired most prominent players leaving their squads. It’ll see a notable difference between the dominating & losing teams for 2021.