The Anaheim Ducks and Boston Bruins in the last couple of days become trade allies. This comes after Boston signed Ondrej Kase from the Anaheim Ducks and on Friday signed Nick Ritchie in exchange for Danton Heinen.

The brother of Nick Ritchie already is signed with Boston but was moved to its AHL Providence team. The signing of Nick gives the Bruins the higher valued brother who was chosen by the Ducks in the 2014 draft. While most feel that at 24 Ritchie hasn’t played his best hockey yet but brings plenty to the table and will be a welcomed addition to its lineup. At 6-foot-2 and 234 pounds, Ritchie uses his size as a physical forechecker and in the past three seasons has averaged over 1000 minutes a season and is 21st in the rankings for hits in a 60 minute period.

That makes him ideal for the Boston Bruins and their style of play. He also can score and has averaged twelve goals for every 80 games player. This theoretically puts him in a good position to be the guy to park in front of the net during power players, a role that the Ducks never really allowed to blossom. In the 287 games he played in Anaheim, he averaged almost 60 seconds per power play, and that puts him under the top 400 forwards in the NHL.

In terms on the Ducks, they feel they got the better end of the deal in Heinen. Only slightly older than Ritchie, he is under contract through to the end of 2020-2021 before becoming a restricted free agent. He has played alongside some of the Bruins best power lines but was never given a major role and only averaging less than 15 minutes on the ice per game and was often bounced around from left to right wing. However, is has been productive, averaging 1.7 points per sixty minutes.

That puts Heinen on par with Patric Hornqvist, Jared McCann, Kyle Palmieri and Kevin Labanc. Still, many feel he deserved a look at a long-term role with the BDucks as they continue to rebuild and are perfectly suited to give him that opportunity.

Two announcements were made regarding two players acquired during the 2021 NHL Draft. This included the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets, both teams being located in Canada. It was first revealed that Connor McDavid is remaining with the Edmonton Oilers on February 20th, with details regarding his return to the ice unknown. This comes as a substantial draft pick for the Oilers, with Connor McDavid, ranked 4th in the National Hockey League. Last season he maintained 30 goals with 51 assists throughout a 55-game period. The Edmonton Oilers have acquired McDavid after he was placed onto injured reserve retroactive leave on February 9th.

Head Coach for the Edmonton Oilers, Dave Tippet spoke to reporters regarding the condition of Connor McDavid. It was noted that the two had conversed earlier throughout the week, with their future centre forward receiving the necessary treatment. The healing period for these injuries is expected to be 2-3 weeks. These injuries occurred on February 11th, meaning he’ll be back in action roughly March 1st to 8th.

This doesn’t mean that Edmonton Oiler supporters and coaching staff are both hoping that these injuries will heal faster than anticipated. Dave Tippet noted that they aren’t concerned for the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, with Connor McDavid expected to be fully healed and re-trained before this period. It should be noted he’s currently remaining in Toronto until the quad injury is treatable via surgery.

Winnipeg Jets Acquire Cody Eakin for 2021 NHL Draft

Another shocking announcement was made for the 2021 NHL Draft Period. It was revealed that Cody Eakin would be leaving the Vegas Golden Nights for the Winnipeg Jets, with this centre forward standing at the 4th round pick. This acquisition follows after committing to a four-year contract with the Las Vegas Golden Knights, with him acquiring four goals and six assists throughout this season. It should be noted that Cody Eakin is a Winnipeg native, with him often expressing a desire to play with this outfit.

It’s expected that both the Winnipeg Jets and Las Vegas Golden Knights will combat each other during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Cody Eakin will be forced to compete against his new employers. Following this announcement, the Golden Knights are acquiring Alex Martinez from the Los Angeles Kings. He has performed a similar manner to Cody Eakin. This last season has seen Alex Martinez receive several assists and one goal, all of this while being in the defenceman position.

Players in the National Hockey League will need to consider the longstanding impact of their sticks moving forward into the 2020 season. Sacrificing their hockey sticks to intimidate opponents or express their aggression will be regarded as unwanted behaviour from coaching staff. This follows after the coronavirus in China, which is limiting the production of hockey sticks for global organizations. This extends to the NHL, which is raising concern regarding a shortage of sticks from CCM and Bauer. Their Chinese factories have been shut down since the outbreak reach their 1st peaks by February 5th. Subsequently, NHL outfits and players are beginning to prepare for a steep shortage. Some believe this shortage won’t last longer than two months.

It’s estimated that each player goes through 100+ sticks per season, with Jack Eichel and Tyler Seguin exceeding those numbers extensively. It’s reported that top-rated athletes in the National Hockey League use new sticks with each practice session or game. This luxury will be immediately terminated going forward, with CCM and Bauer representatives expressing that their monitoring this situation. There have even been players from the Toronto Maple Leaf’s and Dallas Stars that have brought home-based sticks to professional matches. It should be noted that both these manufacturers maintain production facilities in Tijuana, with 10% of their overall development going towards the NHL.

The Shortage Affecting CCM & Bauer

CCM and Bauer have received significant backlash from executives with the NHL, who claim their focus should be on prior contracts with sporting leagues and not global retail markets. This followed after both manufacturers said that amateur players wouldn’t have any impact on available products. However, considering that minor league hockey has more significant cash flows in North America, it’s not surprising that Bauer and CCM are focusing 90% of their production to retail markets.

This has resulted in NHL Equipment Managers, the representatives and players to navigate this shortage with the best of intentions. Paul Boyer from the Detroit Red Wings expressed that they have enough inventory to last two weeks, with the next shipment not coming for four weeks. This will create a two-week delay for multiple NHL organizations. It’s estimated that Bauer and CCM provide more than 50,000.00 hockey sticks throughout a standard NHL Season. This means 1600+ units per team. The NHL could be forced to contact other suppliers and create new contracts to keep teams stocked with hockey sticks.

The Toronto Maple Leaf’s saw themselves fail for another time this season, in their homeland of Canada in Montreal. Looking to dominate over their opponents to make the playoffs, the defensive performance displayed by the Maple Leaf’s has been borderline horrendous. When competing against Montreal on February 9th, Sheldon Keefe couldn’t help but notice how his team fell apart by the third period. It prompted the head coach to hold a morning meeting the next day, informing the players to get their affairs in order.

That’s because he will be challenging them to the highest form of physicality and will demand better performances out of each respective player. Refusal to improve will mark an immediate termination following the end of contract dates. It should be noted that the offensive squad for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s are considered one of the best in the NHL. Unfortunately, their defensive lineup is the flipside to the coin and has prompted numerous losses this season. Considering that this is the debut season for Sheldon Keefe, it’s understandable that the head coach is demanding better skillsets from his employed players.

Depleting Skillsets

Toronto didn’t remotely resemble the same club that dominated over the Anaheim Ducks and New York Rangers earlier in the week. Per the club’s history, Toronto has continued ups and downs that deplete chances at acquiring Stanley Cup contention. During their matchup against Montreal, eleven shots were broken through the defensive lineup in the second and third round. Luckily their goalie performed admirably and saved nine of the 20+ shots made to the net. The endgame was Toronto losing two – one, with the Montreal Canadiens stepping that much closer towards the Stanley Cup.

The Maple Leaf’s acquired a singular goal with their title player, John Tavares. This man completed a dangerous spring towards the Canadiens goalie in the 3rd period, allowing for a shot on net to break through their goalie’s defence. It was a memorable goal because it marks the 5th time that Tavares completed a back-net goal. Unfortunately, the skillsets of John weren’t enough to overcompensate the Montreal Canadiens. The third period saw Toronto outshot by Montreal at 16-1.

It’s been less than several days since the 2020 All-Star NHL Game took place, with it already being confirmed where the 2021 venue will be hosted. The Florida Panthers were announced as the hosts, with the All-Star Weekend taking place at the BBT Centre in Sunrise. Two specific events will be played at this hockey arene, including the All-Star Skills Event and All-Stars Game. Those wanting to witness this formidable event have to wait until January 30th, 2021.

This marks the second instance that the Florida Panthers get to host the National Hockey League All-Star Game, with their last hosting appearance being in 2003. The chief executive officer for the Panther expressed that they’re thrilled to welcome international hockey fans next year. Matt Caldwell noted that this organization couldn’t be prouder to host the NHL’s premier event. Unfortunately, information regarding the associated prices for tickets wasn’t released. Those details will be provided on the beginning of the 2020-21 Season.

The 2020 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend just completed on Friday, January 31st. It saw Saint Louis defeat their rivals at the Enterprise Centre. Millions worldwide watched on the various sporting network. The central broadcasting company confirmed that they’d seen higher viewership number than ever before. This indicates that the National Hockey League’s popularity is continuously growing internationally.

The 1st NHL All-Decade Game

The national hockey league made a shocking announcement after confirming the location for the 2021 All-Star Game. Executives with NHL Corporate revealed the first-ever “NHL All-Decade Game”. This will comprise the best athletes in hockey from the last ten years, making them complete for victory. Whichever opposing team won this event could be considered the best squad of the decade. Confirmed players for the 2020 All-Decade Game includes Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Alex Ovechkin. Collectively, these six individuals have acquired thirteen Stanley Cup championships as a squad. Details regarding who they’ll compete against weren’t confirmed, with rumours indicating that the All-Star Game winners could take the opposing role.

Executives also confirmed the second lineup for the All-Decade Game. Patrice Bergeron, Steven Stamkos, Evgeni Malkin, Erik Karlsson, Zdeno Chara, and Henrik Lundqvist are competing for the second lineup. They’ve won more than eight Stanley Cup Championships as a slightly worse group. It’s known that Scott Hartnell and Ryan Callahan will be the NHL Analysts that broadcast the events of the game to international viewers. Expect some of the most intense and fast-paced action in NHL history with the All-Decade game.