An unexpected announcement was issued to NHL Supporters, with confirmations made that Zdeno Chara is leaving the Boston Bruins & joining the Washing Capitals for 2021s campaign. Details were released on December 30th, revealing that the Bruins had elected to part ways with Zdeno Chara & inquire allocation money. Boston hasn’t discussed those details, which proven financial disruptions have altered the Bruins operations. Chara headed this franchise for ten years, being a prominent force that enabled Boston to acquire the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup.

Learning this towering defencemen is transferring from the Bruins to Capitals has shocked the hockey community, with a one-year contract valued at $795k being awarded to Zdeno Chara. An added benefit for Zdeno Chara is several bonus opportunities, which could double his yearly salary in Washington. Bonus options include:

  • Ten Starts – $230,000.00 in Bonus Funds.
  • Playoff Spot – $250,000.00 in Bonus Funds.
  • Stanley Cup Victory – $250,000.00 in Bonus Funds.

This announcement comes several days before NHL franchises begin training camps for the 2021 campaign. No confirmations have been made on who’ll take Zdeno Chara’s place in Boston. It’ll be an entirely different training camp than the Boston Bruins is accustomed to, with Zdeno Chara having been a prominent force for this franchise since 2005.

Zdeno Reflects on Boston’s Announcement

Boston’s most influential defencemen in decades issued statements regarding his departure on Instagram. It’s noted that coaching personnel informed Zdeno they’d move forward with younger players showcasing notable talent & that he respects their decision. It means that Chara’s time as Boston Bruins Captain has officially closed.

Boston is purposely electing younger players, with most franchises in the National Hockey League departing from their prominent athletes & electing individuals requiring less allocation money. Those individuals are standardly younger players starting their NHL careers. Notable teams like the Washington Capitals have acquired most prominent players leaving their squads. It’ll see a notable difference between the dominating & losing teams for 2021.

The National Hockey League confirmed that after thirteen seasons, Mark Letestu is retiring. This announcement was speculated amongst analysts, as Letestu failed to perform under NHL standards since joining the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018. The most goals acquired by Mark throughout his career was sixteen goals, which is lower for a forward. That doesn’t mean accolades acquired by Letestu weren’t impressive. Mark competed in 567 official NHL games before entering official retirement, with numerous moments of greatness witnessed. Learning of his retirement has saddened NHL supporters in Columbus, Edmonton, and Pittsburgh.

Mark Letestu hasn’t seen regular contention in the National Hockey League since joining the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2018, with eighty games sustained. Disgusting coaching tactics against Letestu were engaged by Columbus personnel, as they forced Mark to join their secondary team, the Cleveland Monsters. Mark was permitted to compete in 64 official games under a lower division, while listed twice in 2019 for Columbus. Things began to change towards 2020 with announcements issued that Mark Letestu was joining the Winnipeg Jets. That contract would be signed but contention was minimal for Letestu following the Covid-19 pandemic, with several matches played under the Jets namesake.

Career History

For thirteen years, supporters of the National Hockey League have known about Mark Letestu. His path towards a professional career began in 2007 after being signed by the “Scranton Penguins”. Two seasons later & the Pittsburgh Penguins would elect this forward for three consecutive years. The Columbus Blue Jackets acquired Mark Letestu between 2011 to 2015, which the Forward was eventually transferred to the Edmonton oilers by 2016.

Three seasons later & Letestu returned to Columbus for one season before the downgrade to Cleveland. Mark was promoted back to the Blue Jackets forward by 2018/19. That relationship would last one season, with Letestu joining the Winnipeg Jets for NHLs 2019-20 Campaign. Speculation indicates that Mark could begin a coaching career in twelve months time, so supporters might not have witnessed the last of Letestu.

Hundreds of thousands in memorabilia property was stolen from an iconic player in the NHL. Investigations have been sustained for two years regarding the breaking & entering that occurred in December 2018. Evidence revealed through this investigation saw individuals with close contact with Wayne Gretzky committing the criminal offence. The now-arrested criminal also sustain close friendships with other legendary NHLers like Bobby Orr & Doug Gilmour.

Law enforcement in Ontario, Canada revealed the information to Wayne Gretzky & his family. It’d be learned that Ken Hadall from Oakville, Ontario had committed the crime. It’s a shocking revelation for everyone involved. Ken Hadall was to become inducted into the “Bobby Orr Hall of Fame” in Parry Sound, Ontario before this information was made public knowledge. Details regarding his removal from Hall of Fame contention hasn’t been announced. Ken Hadall holding a prominent friendship with Bobby Orr could enable his continued induction.

The Ontario Provincial Police has charged Ken Hadall with $510,000.00 in USD for his criminal actions. $5,000.00 was issued for the theft committed against Wayne Gretzky. Another $5,000.00 was fined for possession of undetailed substances. $500,000.00 was published in the most prominent penalty for connection to memorabilia theft. When converting the financial penalties from American to Canadian currency, Ken Hadall will payout $640,000.00 for his actions.

Investigations from law enforcement haven’t ended. Evidence indicates that criminal proceedings that were sustained by Hadall included accomplices, with investigators believing the crime was an inside job from family personnel to Wayne Gretzky. Sentiments regarding this family matter haven’t been issued by the NHL legend, which shows the exemplary lifestyle players have to engage long after retiring.

Paying to Avoid Prison

Postponement regarding Ken Hadall’s induction into the “Bobby Orr Hall of Fame” was announced months ago. That postponement wasn’t in connection to the criminal investigation relating to his namesake. Organizers postponed the ceremony because of Covid-19 in June 2020. A spokesperson with BOHOF hasn’t provided any updates regarding the possibility of Ken Hadall being eliminated from inductee status. It should be noted that Ken Hadall not paying out these financial penalties will prompt prison sentences from the Ontario courts. How Hadall has reacted isn’t known.

Corporations & sporting franchises worldwide are working actively to purchase the Pfizer Pharmaceutical vaccine for Covid-19. Information was released by the American Division, which emphasised selling the vaccination to outside sources other than international governments won’t be permitted & that corporations or sporting franchise must receive Covid Vaccines similarly to standard civilians. The same announcement has been issued by the Canadian Division of Pfizer Pharmaceutical, which noted the Canadian Government is receiving limited doses & not private corporations.

This announcement was issued by the Canadian Division after North America’s National Hockey League demanded that Toronto’s Maple Leafs be permitted to purchase the vaccine, alongside American teams. That demand prompted anger into the Canadian Division. No obligations towards selling this vaccine to outside parties is required, with emergency usage implemented worldwide exclusive to governments. It’s an element being forgotten by many that want immediate vaccination.

The Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer Canada discussed the NHLs demands with reporters, emphasising that the interest is appreciated but the MRNA Vaccine is required for civilian personnel & doses will be distributed equally amongst all Canadians or Americans. This is one of the few instances which sees the North American elite not receiving priority healthcare over standard civilians. It’s an unexpected response which continued by Pfizer Canada’s CEO mentioning how would those institutions feel being asked to purchase vaccines when their players need it most, the answer is almost guaranteed an unequivocal no.

Global Immunisation First & Foremost

Commitment towards the globalisation of the MRNA Vaccine was emphasised by CEO Stephenson, who stated that government contacts are continually talking with Pfizer agents to guarantee shipments arrive faster than expected. That contact line is available exclusively to those government agents. Pfizer Canada did note that after international vaccination is complete, the National Hockey League is welcomed to purchase additional doses. The most vulnerable are being targeted first with this vaccine, and professional athletes are furthest from vulnerable with stronger immune systems.

Coronavirus cases in the United States of America are reaching new highs, which follows after President Donald Trump refuses to assist with the pandemic & focus on an illegal claim that the election was rigged for Joe Biden’s favour. Cases of Covid-19 have reached 200,000 thousand per-day in America, with an average of three thousand citizens dying daily. Infection is bound to spread across every corner in the United States, leading multiple sports governing agencies into contingency strategies.

The National Hockey League is determining if cancellation for the 2020-21 season is required amid increasing cases. The response amongst players hasn’t been positive, believing themselves capable of avoiding the coronavirus & surviving if infected. The NHLPA (NHL Player’s Association) retorted towards planned contingencies by filling unfair labour practices with the US National Labour Relations Board. NHLPA Representatives confirmed that grievances would be filled if the season is cancelled.

Analysts don’t anticipate positive results for the NHLPA if grievances are filled. An NLRB Arbitrator would analyse the benefits & negatives associated with players being unable to compete. Financial losses with cancelled seasons won’t outweigh death, which will result in likely approve of seasonal games being terminated for 2020-21.

Negotiation Not Optional

NHLPA Representatives aren’t discussing this matter with media personnel, knowing that logistically speaking, it’s unviable to argue against the associated death. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has clarified the desirability to sustain seasonal competitions in 2020-21 but noted that employed personnel operating these matches could not risk infection for a player’s financial gain.

Bettman appears disgusted that players would seek finances & have zero concern for individuals not competing but still making these games a reality. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman promised that negotiation wouldn’t be considered if seasonal events are terminated, showing the severity & seriousness of this matter. The NHLPA could find themselves in unfavourable circumstances if not willing to abide by changes.

YouTuber Jake Paul continued to make himself an enemy of the people, uncaring of the damage done to his family name. This immature young adult has fought against two individuals in the boxing right, with those being Nate Robinson & KSI. After winning both these bouts, YouTuber Jake Paul believes himself capable of competing against opponents like Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Boxing & MMA Analysts are aware this young adult doesn’t sustain the skillsets required to compete against those namesakes. However, another battle could ensue shortly for YouTuber Jake Paul. Callouts were made towards Jake Paul by Evander Kane, a Winger with the San Jose Sharks. Evander Kane wants to compete against this foolish YouTuber on August 31st in Las Vegas. The Winger mentioned that it’s easy to dominate over little boys with zero experience & small statures. Evander Kane isn’t incorrect, with YouTuber Jake Paul likely to deny this bout. Paul hasn’t accepted any notable opponent that’d knock him down, showing weakness behind the ring.

Jake Paul is Ruining Boxing

Analysts overviewing professional boxing are saddened with where the sport is moving. Legendary bouts against fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr & Tyson Fury are becoming less prominent in professional boxing. The sport now relies on namesakes with ageing popularity to revitalize viewer interest, with Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Junior battling minutes after Jake Paul & Nate Robinson. Analysts were saddened to see an immature YouTuber compete the same night as legendary icon Mike Tyson, which indicated how much boxing has changed in recent years.

Evander Kane isn’t the exclusive NHL player that’s threatened Jake Paul, with Robin Lehner also calling out the YouTuber. This goalie informed the weak YouTuber that he would dominate over him, which followed after Jake Paul called out Conor McGregor. It’ll be interesting to see if Jake Paul accepts either of these bouts.

The Boston Bruins have elected their latest restricted free agent, selecting Jake DeBrusk. It was announced that Jake DeBrusk will assist the Boston Bruins from 2020 to 2022, with contract negotiations sustaining a net worth valued at $7.35 Million over two seasons. The lowered salary isn’t representative of the skillsets displayed by Jake DeBrusk. Boston has limited finances available for contract acquisitions, with Covid-19 depleting a large percentage of reserve funds. DeBrusk is proven a valuable player that can perform when given the right conditions.

Thirty-five points were acquired by Jake DeBrusk in 2019, which was sustained over a 60+ official matches in the National Hockey League. It should be mentioned that Jake DeBrusk has worked alongside the Boston Bruins since starting his career in the National Hockey League. His performance since his last contract hasn’t been pivotal, resulting in the two-year contract. It’ll likely be that Jake DeBrusk works hard throughout 2020 to 2022, hoping to balance his skillsets & reacquire another contract with Boston for a longer timeframe with greater monetary compensation.

It might be impossible for Jake DeBrusk to extend his skillsets in the National Hockey League. Since joining in 2017, the left-winger has averaged twenty goals per season & earned less than four million annually. Skillsets shown by DeBrusk are more meant to assist leading players with the Boston Bruins. When looking at Jake in this position, he maintains an important position in the Eastern Division team.

New Team, New Results?

The Boston Bruins selecting to terminate Jake DeBrusk in 2022 could drastically benefit the hockey player, with a new organization & coaching leadership potentially creating new skillsets that aren’t possible with Boston. That won’t be known for 24-months time. Until then, Jake DeBrusk must prove himself a viable member of the Boston Bruins & increase his seasonal average to 25 Points or higher. Anything lower will likely result in his termination by 2022.

Supporters of the National Hockey League are known for representing the history of their beloved sport. Companies often oversight that attributes into their yearly products, losing margins on annual profits. The Adidas Company is taking recognition of the NHL’s history over numerous decades, with media personnel announcing the “Reverse Retro Line”. Adidas is releasing thirty-one Jerseys designed from influential years with each organization, taking design elements from older generations of hockey.

Older & newer logos are being incorporated into the designs, meaning the Jerseys are likely to become popular amongst NHL supporters during the upcoming holiday season. Products are available for purchase today, with shipping rates between 2 to 5 Business Days. Those wanting to order this gift for the festivities should go to Adidas online store while supplies last. It won’t be long before each is sold-out throughout North America.

Jersey designs aren’t inspired exclusively by the past, with present team logos & cues taken into consideration. Adidas spent two years manufacturing the designs before announcing them to consumers. It should be mentioned that exclusivity associated with this Jersey has its respective cost increased from $200.00 to $250.00.

The Best Jersey’s

Designers with the National Hockey League created three Jersey’s that define the “Reverse Retro Line”. designers made seasonal selections between 1988 to 1995 with the Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, and Boston Bruins. Creators selected the 1988 & 1990 seasons for the Boston Bruins with the “Reverse Retro Jersey”, with those two campaigns resulting in Stanley Cup victory.

The Arizona Coyotes had their 1999 season selected for the Reverse Retro jersey, with designers taking cues from unique colour pallets used that year. Purples & Light Browns dominate over this themed Jersey, with a lizard shoulder patch defining the apparel. When looking towards the Anaheim Ducks, Adidas selected the “Wild Wing Jersey” from 1995, an iconic representation of this club that included the team mascot. No other iteration of this Jersey has been available until today.

Coaching personnel throughout the National Hockey League have eagerly worked towards acquiring Alex Ovechkin since 2008. Prominent skillsets displayed by Ovechkin made the Washington Capitals a pivotal team in the NHL. It’s been questioned multiple times if Ovechkin would leave for another team after his 13th season. However, Alex confirmed that he’ll retire with the Washington Capitals & won’t ever get contracted by another team.

For fans of the Capitals, this announcement has been praised for its loyalty. Hockey reporters questioned Ovechkin on his reasoning for this decision, where Alex noted that money isn’t a factor & that it’s more about playing with organizations that showed him respect. Alex Ovechkin has competed under the Washington Capitals & Moscow Dynamos.

Questions regarding the Centre-Forward’s future have begun following his final season with the Washington Capitals. Alex Ovechkin was signed with the Capitals in 2008 for $125 Million, which would sustain thirteen seasons under contractual obligations. It’s the most extended timeframe seen for an NHL contract. Aged 35, Ovechkin has emphasized that he’ll work towards resigning with the Washing Capitals. It should be clarified that this Russian player is the highest scoring in NHL history, with 2020 seeing Ovechkin scored forty-eight goals alone.

Alex Ovechkin has acquired 700+ goals since joining the Washington Capitals. It’s highly unlikely that with those records, the Capitals won’t elect to resign Alex Ovechkin for another prolonged period. His second contract will likely be shorter than thirteen years, with analysts speculating a five-year agreement for $75 Million. It doesn’t matter what payment is awarded to Ovechkin, with Alex clarifying his talents are still primed for battle. Ovechkin doesn’t have any doubts that he’ll sustain twenty-years in the National Hockey League.

What’s Left to Achieve?

When questioned on what’s left to achieve for himself, Alex Ovechkin noted that there he wants to obtain specifically formatted goals managed by other legends. It should be clarified that Alex Ovechkin will retire from American hockey with the Capitals. He’s confirmed that his final retirement will come with the Moscow Dynamos. Whenever the last appearance of Alex Ovechkin arrives by 2026, it’s expected that millions worldwide will watch his send-off.

The National Hockey League is known for celebrating Halloween yearly. 2020 saw changes in how teams approached festivities, with largescale parties & elaborate costumers being avoided for new methods of showing their Halloween spirit. Multiple teams took their social media accounts to showcase what ideas they’d thought of for Halloween 2020. The 1st was the Arizona Coyotes, which hosted a “Drive-Thru Party”. Fans were encouraging to Trick or Treat from their vehicles & have defenseman Jakob Chychrun hand out bags of candy for children.

The Arizona Coyotes revealed that 1000+ children had arrived with their parents to receive candy from Jacob Chychrun. Large percentages of these children received unique collectables made for Halloween 2020, which had been themed around players on the Arizona Coyotes. Donations were accepted by parents, with donated funds being awarded to the “Arizona Coyotes Foundation”. It should be noted that when questioned on his appearance at the Drive-Thru Halloween party, Jacob Chychrun mentioned that he’d been looking forward to this event for months & had wanted interaction with supporters for a prolonged time.

The Halloween Adventures of the Canadians, Blues, and Bruins.
Arizona wasn’t the only National Hockey League organization that maintained Halloween festivities throughout 2020. The Montreal Canadians sent their iconic mascot to the houses of winning children, from a contest held earlier in 2020. Numerous photos of fans wearing Montreal Canadian-themed costumes were also posted to social media. However, their 2020 Halloween festivities fail in-comparison to the St. Louis Blues & Boston Bruins.

Both the St. Louis Blues & Boston Bruins made their yearly visit to the local “Children’s Hospital”. Players that couldn’t attend for social distancing purposes purchased these children large quantities of candy and sent video messages encouraging them to enjoy the festivities. The Boston Bruins went beyond expectations for 2020 during the Covid Era, with several players attending in-person with costumers that sustained facemasks or entire bodysuits. Patrice Bergeron was seen dressed as Elmo.

It should be noted that NHL players with the Bruins & Blues aren’t forced to attend festivities at the local “Children’s Hospital”. However, bringing happiness for ill children is something that cannot be explained through words.